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  • ashley williams
    ashley williams

    Aaww her lil face! 😍

  • Caren C
    Caren C

    I’m sorry you didn’t get to experience those first ultrasounds as exciting and with it being emotional i totallyyyyy understand bc I went through the same thing I didn’t really enjoy so much I think throughout my pregnancy I only had 4 ultrasounds 2 of where I actually got pictures of my baby and got to see him so I get how it can’t let you down when you don’t get the OB you thought you were going to get anyways I had my baby a week ago and watching this video made me miss being pregnant sooooo much well mostly the excitement is what I miss the most don’t get me wrong I loveeeee him being here and being a mom but being pregnant is suchhhh a beautiful experience I really hope you enjoy these last months of pregnancy Elsy even with everything going on I get how it isn’t how most of us wanted to experience it but still try to enjoy it as much as possible pregnancy is such a beautiful feeling and it’s even better when you actually get to meet your baby girl 💗💗 sending lots of love!!!! 😊😊😊 You got this momma

  • Naidelyn Zuniga
    Naidelyn Zuniga

    I wish I would’ve switched OBs too I did not like mine either she was so rough , kinda mean and did unnecessary shit when I was in labor she even made me wait hours for her to get to the hospital when I was already 10cm 😑

  • Jessica Ortega
    Jessica Ortega

    Omg! I loved your US tech! He explained so well! Love it!

  • Cinthia Mercado
    Cinthia Mercado

    I had stones while pregnant I had to go through a lot of pain the whole 9months and didn’t get surgery until my son was 9 months old.

  • Karla Vidrio
    Karla Vidrio

    When I was first pregnant with my son I was not comfortable with a guy neither but it was the best labor experience he was amazing . I am currently 23 weeks pregnant with my daughter & I had to go back with him . I was so glad that he was still delivering. If anyone lives in ARIZONA, I definitely remember Dr Daniel Hu he’s located in arrowheads women’s center 🖤


    SUE THEM ELSY!!!!! That's so NOT okay!!!!!

  • astrith orozco
    astrith orozco

    I had a horrible experience as well with my first obgyn they would do everything wrong and txt me at the last second that my appointment was canceled, meet my doctor once so I ended up switching doctors he was amazing and very caring and had a great sense of humor. I’m happy that you were able to get a good doctor instead of putting your pregnancy in risk I think it’s every mommy’s fear specially being their first pregnancy and they are new to everything.

  • Jazmine Cortez
    Jazmine Cortez

    I was also getting sever pains on my right side and felt the top of my stomach irritated and bloated along wit sharp upper back pain a few times while I was 7-8 months pregnant went away for a bit and started getting the same pains almost 2months aftr having my baby and turned out it was my Gallbladder and got it removed feels fucked up but supposedly we don’t need it

  • Victoria Garcia
    Victoria Garcia

    Pretty Mama- have a welcome baby party when it’s safe to do so. Best wishes gorgeous! $secretv2

  • Victoria Garcia
    Victoria Garcia

    Cutest Nephew ever! Happy Birthday Branson! Dream Big! 🥳 $secretv2

  • Anel Yesenia Hinojos
    Anel Yesenia Hinojos

    Oh heckkkk nooooo I would’ve went somewhere else for a different opinion! I’m sorry you had to go through all that! $anelyeseniahinojos

  • Danielle Diaz
    Danielle Diaz


  • chela bella
    chela bella

    Awww yes being alone sucks while getting ur ultrasounds 😭 but aww ur belly ❤ $Graci97

  • Angie R
    Angie R

    She looks like her dad 🙂 and u should somehow report or sue ur first OB $APR0616

  • Jazz •
    Jazz •

    Im 32 weeks pregnant and just got tested for Covid 😢

  • Lisa Romero
    Lisa Romero

    You’re so pretty 🥺☺️✨ $lisaromeroo

  • Leslie Vasquez
    Leslie Vasquez

    I recently just had gallstone pain I didn’t know I had any I just got a really bad pain on my right side they said I had gallstones I also felt like throwing up all the time and the pain was extremely bad I was in the hospital for 2 days couldn’t get surgery bcs of corona I’ve been drinking some pills to get rid of it and I haven’t felt any pain but they had said it came out and was moving back in or something like that

  • DMK Family
    DMK Family

    So cutee! 😍 Subscribe to my channel for some good videos, and I will return the favor. 💜 comment (👍🏼) So I get the notification, and I will do the same. ASAP!

  • Magali

    Thank you for sharing this. I've been kind of not feeling my OB like I just felt kind of cold and impersonal but idk if it's because of the virus but idk you made me think twice about continuing care.

  • Tyrell Grey
    Tyrell Grey

    I miss you 3000 Elsy 💙 love your journey every week on your youtube channel 💯 keep up a great job 🤘🤘

  • Kayla Leyja
    Kayla Leyja

    Oh yes it was very painful 😖 that actually made me cry 😭 and I had my surgery now it’s been 5 months since my surgery and I feel better than ever

  • Angela Rojo
    Angela Rojo

    That shit hurts so bad have your baby daddy rub your back my mom used to rub my back and that helped a lot

  • Angela Rojo
    Angela Rojo

    What hospital did you go too.No I had gallstones while I was pregnant there will be a 50/50 chance your baby won't live so that's out of the question don't eat greasy food and eat non fat food

  • Foreign Lexii
    Foreign Lexii


  • Jennifer Rodriguez
    Jennifer Rodriguez

    I miss being pregnant and hearing my babies heartbeat and feeling his strong ass kicks lol. $JennyRodS

  • Monica Garcia
    Monica Garcia

    I always find myself reading lips anytime Elsy is on the camera. Lol no manches and then to hear baby daddy E speaks lower then Elsy. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Abby Mata
    Abby Mata

    Can’t wait for baby to be born !!!😍❤️ $Abbyannm

  • tiinaiiceey

    Use topical oinments. Japanese oil is really good its a clear one that hits the spot. You can try that I know its not a permanent fix but until the baby comes out

  • __Jessica Medina__
    __Jessica Medina__

    Do you have a PO Box? Please post it on your IG!!! I’m sorry you can’t have a baby shower but we’d LOVE to send you and baby E some gifts❤️❤️❤️

  • Valerie Perez
    Valerie Perez

    love you guys!! $ValP07

  • Dani Ingebritsen
    Dani Ingebritsen

    my baby need diapers :(

  • Mayra Perez
    Mayra Perez

    Guy OB's are in my opinion better

  • ashley

    Elsyyyy, you are glowing mama!!!!!! 😍❤️ I had a horrible OB also, she did not seem like she enjoyed her job, her vibes were way off, and her and her staff were all assholes! I’m glad you found a new one, I unfortunately never changed mine. $ashleyza

  • Krystal Van
    Krystal Van

    I’m pregnant, had emergency surgery the day after we believe I conceived. They put a 10 inch stint in my bladder. When we found out I was pregnant i was two month, my ob started stressing out because I still had the stint in my body and demanded for it to be taken out. They have been very careful with me. I’m about to be 3 months and got the stint taken out last week and this week I have an appointment with the ob. They did not handle your situation right at all. And I’m so sorry. My doctors all felt bad because I can only have Tylenol and it was painful. I feel really and for you. I’m glad you got a better ob. $krystva

  • Bigsexyred1985

    Beautiful couple glad u ☺ happy😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • The Dawn Family
    The Dawn Family

    Omg I cannot believe your old OB prescribed you that 😱😱😱 that is insane! When my son was born I had to change his primary doctor or specialists so many times. I would always get bad vibes or just the medications they would prescribe him for his allergies that caused suicidal thoughts & depression for a 4 year old. Crazy. Anyways, praying for a safe delivery for you girl! Cannot wait to see baby E!

  • Bigsexyred1985

    Awesome soo happy for u

  • Wendy Vega
    Wendy Vega

    Tell me why I started crying when I saw you’re ultrasound🥺♥️ cant imagine how you feel when you see it. Omg I can’t wait

  • Fatima Cruz
    Fatima Cruz

    when she recorded the heart beat she looked so happy omg 🥺💕 praying for you

  • Bigsexyred1985

    Congrats u have true beautiful soul Love u. u don't have to explain for keeping ur baby to urself u have to have ur special to enjoy ur pregnancy f all the haters be BLESS always

  • Lena Weena
    Lena Weena

    Done! $lenaweena

  • Erika Julitza
    Erika Julitza

    its okay my baby was growing slow to she was like 1 lb at 6 moths and i would get so sad but stay safe

  • Bigsexyred1985

    U look beautiful

  • Ohmy_lo

    I just had my gallbladder removed because of stones went to one hospital sent me home thankfully the second ER took care of me 100% had a few complications but I’m home recovering now thank god!! This pain is unbearable I cannot imagine having it while pregnant wow what a horrible OB you should report her that’s disgusting!!

  • Jamie Carbajal
    Jamie Carbajal

    I completely cut dairy out and fried food and I havent had any pain in 3 months. After having it every day or every other day.

  • Jamie Carbajal
    Jamie Carbajal

    Do u eat dairy?

  • Jamie Carbajal
    Jamie Carbajal

    Why did t they just do an ultra sound on your gullbladder? Why did they do xrays? I'm not pg and they only do ultra sounds on me because they see stones better this way.


    🥵 $hotboyj6 The doctor needs to be fired

  • Jazmin Valencia
    Jazmin Valencia

    I got that during my pregnancy and I had my daughter a month early because of the pain 🥺 2 weeks after I gave birth I had the surgery

  • me,myself & I
    me,myself & I

    I lovveeeeeee your nails ❤️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  • Memory Rodriguez
    Memory Rodriguez

    Omg elsy ! I cried ! 💗

  • Lena Nysta
    Lena Nysta

    Things can only get better from here! So happy everything’s working out! 💖💖 $nastynysta

  • Gabriella Gaxiola
    Gabriella Gaxiola

    My volume is turnt all the way and i still cant hear your ass 😴

  • Raylynn Martinez
    Raylynn Martinez

    Done I love you so much and I’m so happy that your gonna have baby E she’s a big blessing and I can’t wait until she comes I’m so happy with baby E’s journey and yours of course 🥺🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️ cashapp$ RaylynnMartinez

  • Michelle Herrera
    Michelle Herrera

    I really mean no disrespect to all the health care workers but most of them can really be so horrible the DR’s just go in there for 2minutes and explain that nothing is wrong and that the symptoms were having are so to blah blah blah ..like wtf you really think we go into the ER to wait hours just to have a DR talk for 2minutes and nurses do more than the DR’s do.

  • Heather Resendez
    Heather Resendez


  • vicky Paez
    vicky Paez

    Omg and his not mad lol that's so funny 😂😂😂😂 love your videos girl 👌👌 🤗🤗🤗

  • Tonya Wheelton
    Tonya Wheelton

    *I'm depressed as a mf!....im a paraplegic amputee and didn't know I was even pregnant until last week I went to the bathroom and a BABY,cord and all...the size of my hand fell in the toilet! I was shook then and now baby daddy and I have broken up* $tonyawheelton

  • samantha soberanes
    samantha soberanes


  • Karm Ortiz
    Karm Ortiz

    Awwww this is so beautiful 🥰🥰🥰 God bless your little family

  • Raquel Zelaya
    Raquel Zelaya

    I just found out I’m pregnant last Thursday! About 5-6 weeks and mannn did I cry lol ❤️ $RaquelElizaa

  • Alejandra Miranda
    Alejandra Miranda

    Awee your baby is definitely going to look like her daddy !! My little girl looks just like her daddy too hope all is well :) your a beautiful mama.

  • Norma Alicia
    Norma Alicia

    Don’t be said beautiful! We’re all in this with you💞 $33nalicia

  • Brianna Lares
    Brianna Lares

    “if im pregnant and stuck at home so is everyone else” HAHA ily elsy <3

  • Stephanie Lopez
    Stephanie Lopez

    $ stephanielopez2616

  • Jaybee Benally
    Jaybee Benally

    Omg the lil bear you had was beautiful wish I had one for my one month old son he passed last year of December 😭 made me cry when I heard baby E’s heartbeat congrats elsy ❤️🥰

  • Misael Lopez
    Misael Lopez

    I would hate guys obgyn. I'm from Pasadena I'm looking for a good and nice obgyn.

  • Ana Ortiz
    Ana Ortiz

    I have been wanting to get function of beauty since LAST YEAR and I FINALLY ordered it and it's coming in on the 26th. SUPER EXCITED 😩🥰 ALSO, Elsy we got the same color of shampoo!

  • Jesus

    Alondra doesn’t stay home...

  • Jesus

    And yes, guy OBs are way better

  • Jesus

    Drop the doctor’s name

  • Maribel Silva
    Maribel Silva

    Aww Elsy Im glad you were able to get a new OB f that other OB!!! $bellesilva

  • Destiny gee
    Destiny gee


  • joanna Jade
    joanna Jade

    What the fuck kinda doctors are these wtf. This is crazy, wow

  • Viciousbarbie69

    Change your doctor girl

  • Mena lovve
    Mena lovve

    Honestly male Drs will ALWAYS be the best right off the bat u know female drs are b!*?#£*glad everything is okay 👼🏼💓 $menalovve

  • Janelle Sikorski
    Janelle Sikorski

    🥰🥰 your so beautiful. $janelski27

  • Gabriela Castro
    Gabriela Castro

    Awwwww she's so cute. When I did 3D my daughter stuck her tongue out at me 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mb_Maggss

    When she said “On my way to find my bd” fast forward to acouple months later and she found him 😂😂💖

  • Laura Gamon
    Laura Gamon

    They could’ve done an US. Smh. There are some doctors that care (my clinic and I are one ☺️) and some that just want to take your money. I’m so happy you found a great OB!

  • Inoo’s Makeup
    Inoo’s Makeup

    33 weeks?! You’re pregnancy is going by so fast!

  • Vianney Galvez
    Vianney Galvez

    Sometimes I wonder if doctors in the United States se seven doctors smfh.. prescribing stupid as shit.. I’m 6 months pregnant and this just pisses me off I’m sorry you went through that.. the hospitals never do shit either I know how that goes.. whenever something happens to me I am not going to lie I go to Mexico lmao they really heal me I have my doctor out there😂


    So glad you changed your doctor... sucks you didn’t have a good experience 😢😳 sending prayers to you and your baby 🙏🙏🙏

  • Stephanie Martinez
    Stephanie Martinez

    “Everyone is pregnant with me “😂 Cashapp: Stephaniie3563

  • Washeema Hansen
    Washeema Hansen

    A drank prank would be funny because you looked thirsty as hell when everyone was turning up like baby e must pop out now😂

  • Washeema Hansen
    Washeema Hansen

    Or a Labor prank prank them😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Washeema Hansen
    Washeema Hansen

    Elsy so beautiful😍😌

  • Washeema Hansen
    Washeema Hansen

    Elsy you should prank alo making like you drinking alcohol but it's water or something 😂😂😂😂

  • Carolina G
    Carolina G

    “Everyone’s pregnant with me “ girl I’m pregnant I’m 24 weeks so I’m with you lol 🤪😜

    • Ana Ortiz
      Ana Ortiz

      I'm 28 weeks 😃

  • Symone Serena
    Symone Serena

    When I was pregnant in 2018 with my son I went to a female OB cause I was just like you uncomfortable with a male OB I changed OB’s right after that appointment. She made me so worried an made me cry, I have PCOS so once I told her that she started jumping to conclusions that I had a cyst not a baby then I have a ectopic pregnancy that I would have to terminate my pregnancy she was just jumping to crazy conclusions. They sent me to do a vaginal ultrasound an found my baby quickly. I Loved my male OB he’d always take plenty of pictures make sure I was good always give full description on how baby was doing he was awesome so yes male OB’s are more sympathetic in my opinion.

  • Maria Hernandez
    Maria Hernandez

    I’m so sorry you had to go through that especially on your first time being a mom. I’m glad you decided to listen to your mom and suegra 🙏 You and your baby deserve the very best love you elsy 💖 $Mariaaa926

  • Gabriela Villalobos
    Gabriela Villalobos

    My ob doctor was a girl but every appointment I had a different doctor I had only met my ob doc once during my whole pregnancy but the doc I seen was so good!! He was a male he made everything so fun and always making jokes made sure all my questions were answered so I was glad I had him. Although when I was actually in labor my nurse delivered my babygirl bc she didn’t want to wait she waisted no time ! $gabsvilla01

  • Gabriela Morales
    Gabriela Morales

    Have a drive by baby shower or a virtual one where everyone sends you gifts and you go live and open them!!!! And maybe a home black and white maternity shoot?! $gabrielay4

  • Laura Zavala
    Laura Zavala

    Done! Hope I win unfortunately I don't have cash app just paypal😊 [email protected]

  • Ibeth Cruz
    Ibeth Cruz

    I honestly cried when the 3-D showed up 😭. Like im not the one pregnant but it's so relieving that she is okay and healthy!❤️

  • Skyy Beauty
    Skyy Beauty

    Elsy please speak up 😭😭 I have the volume all the way up and I can hardly hear you

  • Diana Reyes
    Diana Reyes

    $dianareyes98 🥰🥰🥰

  • Maribel Ortiz
    Maribel Ortiz


  • Maribel Ortiz
    Maribel Ortiz

    Can’t wait to see baby E’s face 🥺 $papimariee