Aubrey Plaza Snorts Milk While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones
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Aubrey Plaza is known for her cult roles in Funny People, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, Parks and Recreation, and many more. You can catch her in FX's Legion, which returns for its third season on Monday, June 21 and she also stars in Child's Play, set to hit theaters June 21st. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as the deadpan queen tries to keep her poker face intact while battling some of the hottest wings on the planet. Along the way, Plaza pulls back the curtain on Parks & Rec BTS, explains her iconic late-night performances, and attempts to drink milk through her nose.
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Season 9
Episode 4
First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.
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  • LaCokaNostra81

    I'd lick it up

  • tenaciousturtle

    i wanna see sean evans and nardwuar have an interview.

  • David Cantrell
    David Cantrell

    She's sooooo hott.

  • Gregory Clay
    Gregory Clay

    boring chick

  • Mitch Liam
    Mitch Liam

    Sean is a legend because he snorted the milk right after Aubrey 😂

  • Yusef Westside
    Yusef Westside

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="250">4:10</a> “has anyone ever had no reaction to eating all these wings ? “ “I don’t think so” Wtf u mean?!? YG DID!!!!

  • Kweku Asirifi
    Kweku Asirifi

    Sean made Aubrey smile for real!!!

  • Yusef Westside
    Yusef Westside

    I’ve been in love with her for 10 years lol.

  • Jexes23

    This was the best one Ive seen. LMFAO.

  • James Layne
    James Layne

    This is my 3rd time watching this episode and I just noticed @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="998">16:38</a> she said “ the guy who created the heimlich remover “ 😂

  • marcos ocampo
    marcos ocampo

    shits on buzz feed without even knowing who they are. Perfection.

  • dj bone
    dj bone

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="895">14:55</a> Sean speaks for all mankind...

  • Just Because
    Just Because

    Do you think they know they’re on a date or...?

  • Joshua Blackwell
    Joshua Blackwell

    Aubrey out here makin' Gordon Ramsay look like a wimp!

  • bleach superhusky
    bleach superhusky

    does anyone know the musical song/score around <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1260">21:00</a>? XD Thanks XD

  • cageordie

    She puts Gordon Ramsey totally to shame. But he brought shame to Scotland with his pathetic performance.

  • Gatteka

    So seductive and she isnt doing anything

  • Taylin Malolo
    Taylin Malolo

    How does he remember his questions??

  • Nate S.
    Nate S.

    Aubrey Plaza is the absolute best. She has my type of sense of humor. Freaking amazing! lol

  • Paul Lavallet
    Paul Lavallet

    She's so Hot. No pun intended

  • mattlawton11

    She spit in the water then drank it... just saying

  • David Gligorevic
    David Gligorevic

    She is so fucking amazing hey, like one of the most genuine, yet paradoxically and oxymoronically masked. A true human

  • Jeff Alexander Guitar Player!
    Jeff Alexander Guitar Player!

    Why are they, do they keep "beeping" her Swear Words!? Fishweir all the time on this show! Fuck! 🤬😂

  • Honest Fellow
    Honest Fellow

    Yo she looks 1 on 1 like my aunt... thats so weird.

  • Mike Dang
    Mike Dang


  • Info da Poet
    Info da Poet

    So... we just watch her spit in water..... and drink it.... and not say shit?

  • Info da Poet
    Info da Poet

    Came here from LOCKDOWN....who else wasnt ready for the Snorting when it happened?

  • Garrett Germany
    Garrett Germany

    Mayne she’s beautiful

  • Robert Bevilacqua
    Robert Bevilacqua

    I think he got laid that day...jealousy is kicking in but still...HIGH FIVE!

  • george wazlawik
    george wazlawik

    Why is she so freaking cute!?

  • Auspex1980

    I would date her.

  • MarXxs Pxxx
    MarXxs Pxxx

    i hate this bitch

  • Pash Hunter
    Pash Hunter

    She’s a complete pig

  • Sergio Saucedo
    Sergio Saucedo


  • terry

    she's scaring me

  • Kathia Teran
    Kathia Teran

    She's a LEGEND


    This girl is special. She's super yummy, and I love her...🙂

  • Zeke Sloth
    Zeke Sloth

    I'd smell a fart from her balloon knot.

    • Maryam Abbani
      Maryam Abbani


  • Master Kief
    Master Kief

    She literally drank from the water she spit in 😂

  • Peyton Robison
    Peyton Robison

    Still smash

  • Luminous CoD
    Luminous CoD

    Buzzed feed getting exposed

  • aleksvilde påtur
    aleksvilde påtur


  • Jesse

    I love her

  • CandidlyOpinionated

    Coffee makes spicy food so much worse, it's like the opposite of milk. Why would you do that to yourself Aubrey Plaza 😂

  • Pierre r
    Pierre r

    it's the only one I watched twice

  • Henchman Twenty1
    Henchman Twenty1

    I've never been to Aubrey Plaza. Is it nice?

  • Nya Stclair
    Nya Stclair

    lmao why would she spit in her glass of water...?

  • MagiKaitoTV

    brilliant show !

  • L I L P E E P S D E A T H & S U I C I D E
    L I L P E E P S D E A T H & S U I C I D E

    Pet cemetary type shit

  • mike2565

    Aubrey makes me uncomfortable. Notwithstanding (I feel good when able to use word ‘notwithstanding’) the uncomfortableness she creates, I’d want very much for her to like me. But, she wouldn’t. 😕 Dude is very professional. I bought a shirt.

  • Binge Planet
    Binge Planet

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="820">13:40</a> I think chili peppers has a truth serum effect. it takes energy and focus to lie, butTheir in so much pain that they forget to lie and hide.

  • Binge Planet
    Binge Planet

    aubrey is the one actor that doesn't have to act in her cut scenes. shes the same in real life and in the movies lol

  • JupiterLounge

    She's deffo a sub in the bedroom

  • Pedro Claramunt
    Pedro Claramunt

    She drop BuzzFeed under the bus so fast I almost spit my beer.

  • DarrenAiton1

    Bet she’s filth in bed just get that vibe👅

  • Andrew Evans
    Andrew Evans

    I wanna see Anna Kendrick's on this show

  • Shinobione

    “I like my mommy”

  • Bruh Moment
    Bruh Moment

    God this was like a first date for them

  • Mic-E

    I ship these two omg

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy

    how much for the aubrey plaza spit glass

  • Ryan fry
    Ryan fry

    Love her

  • Ryan fry
    Ryan fry

    I don’t find her weird or awkward I think she is like the most comfortable person in her own skin she does not give a fuck

  • Jay Weezy
    Jay Weezy

    who tf is aubrey plaza

  • WaxestLowa732 R
    WaxestLowa732 R

    ✔️Another day hilarious!

  • Dunby 'Addit
    Dunby 'Addit

    I hope Aubrey keeps being in movies. Heck, I want to see her in another Trecartin film. Center Jenny RULED and she was fantastic in it.

  • itaintmebabe714

    Aubrey is my weird crazy ex girlfriend that I desperately want back

  • Joshua Tambour Sprehn
    Joshua Tambour Sprehn


  • TheUnknownBrainer

    Love her she's the best!!

  • She's moonlight.
    She's moonlight.


  • Alias:Nick

    Never heard of this girl before and never want to again. Personality is condescending and disengaged. Stopped watching half way through.

    • Neal Garrison
      Neal Garrison

      well, aren't you a grumpy old cat

  • tolfan

    Before I watch the video I have to say I loved her character on Parks and Recreation

  • Cristian Reyes
    Cristian Reyes

    I like how she says shes Puerto Rican like that means she can handle hot food. PR food isn't hot, same with Dominicans. Never met one someone from PR that could handle hot food. Never met a Dominican besides my mom and myself that can handle hot food either lol

  • blinkuh

    There’s something about her type of “could be kidding could be not” energy that intimidates me and also makes me want to kiss her so bad, it’s scary

    • avalanchesoul

      @Casey Addington weird comment.

    • blinkuh

      @Casey Addington are you okay? that ain´t even my pic lol i´m a fan account.

    • Casey Addington
      Casey Addington

      blinkuh uhhhhh aren’t you apart of the NSM Neo-Nazi Party from Decatur, Georgia? I remember you, you and the other skin heads involved with that group came thru Xenia Ohio and lit a pipe bomb in the bathroom of the public library because it kept copies of Rare Barbra Park autographed Junie B. Jones books that weren’t available to the public to borrow from the library because of their fear someone won’t give them back. Fuck you AND all your STINKY NAZI BUDS.

  • Deady Brock
    Deady Brock

    Jesus dude stop fucking simping over her

  • Penitent Hollow
    Penitent Hollow

    I will never become famous out of fear of having to go on this show to promote a movie. Also Aubrey is really cute.

  • Scott Blackwell
    Scott Blackwell

    Why is she SO sexy...... not just her appearance, but she would be a blast in the bedroom and I'd probably never want to leave.

  • Christopher Ashtian
    Christopher Ashtian

    I would endorse you for some of your hot sauce for my acting career. #TheLastDab

  • SortieUAS

    Aubrey's emotional intelligence is a "Delaware" thing. And having "Pat Benitar" eyes doesn't hurt either.

  • Angela -Benedetti
    Angela -Benedetti

    She is great.

  • Mathias Nørlem
    Mathias Nørlem

    She talks so dirty god damn