Coronavirus II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
As the spread of coronavirus worsens in the US, John Oliver discusses how the government is handling the outbreak, how they’re not, and what we can do to help.
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    🔥🔥🔥 all praise deserves this place <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="84">1:24</a> 🖤 👇👇👇👇🧡

  • Tore Nyland
    Tore Nyland

    that ending :p

  • istiundcaro

    And stop touching your face

  • PurplePoisen 13
    PurplePoisen 13

    Can he just have his wife laugh in the background please. Cus I feel like one laugh should make this whole thing feel less formal. I feel like I need to be sitting up with the best posture.

  • Margarita Morales
    Margarita Morales

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="500">8:20</a> this

  • fish mcfish
    fish mcfish

    The whole "Pretend you're a British parent" thing... John? Honey? Are you okay? Do you have some things you need to unpack?

  • cort hofler
    cort hofler

    For crying out loud! All you had to do is say, in hindsight maybe we shouldn't have. We're gonna straighten this out forthwith ! Come on man ! Come on ! Stop being such a BIG BABY !!! COME ON !!!...??? PLEASE ??? PRETTY PLEASE !

  • Noemi Swierski
    Noemi Swierski

    I wonder if you would consider discussing Dr. John Ioannidis' perspective on this?

  • Helmut Kok
    Helmut Kok


  • Phillip Smitj
    Phillip Smitj

    Maga hats are made in China. And I don't care if it makes me an awful human being I find that fact hilarious.

  • Patrick

    Anybody else find it kind of awkward with no studio audience laughing

  • all14000

    Glad to talk about this, the destruction of our Healthcare Preparedness Program:…/

  • Sumit Sharma
    Sumit Sharma

    That Liverpool rant tho 😂

  • Bogidani

    You could actually use this so improve the situation but all LWT does is Trump bashing. You dont need to continue that, we all know what trump is. But people are stupid and want to be reassured, that someone os even more stupid than they are. pathetic. Basicly every country except for Taiwan didnt react properly and now has massive problems, but hey appearently coronavirus is Trumps fault all alone. He is not the brain of your nation. Unfortunetly your Nation right now is made out of arrogant assholes and stupid idiots.

  • Illyria Illyar
    Illyria Illyar

    Who do I register a complaint with about - I uploaded a picture of a cat and it said NO... Maybe the web site has the Corona Virus? IF you look at the picture - it is clearly a cat. LMAO

    • Ilan Smolders
      Ilan Smolders

      The website is correct

  • warlord 2080
    warlord 2080

    Trump said when he did do it he said we can get them back easily if we need them.

  • Maxenkatt

    Can we all just hope the the US president joins the list of politicians infected?

  • Gal Dagon
    Gal Dagon


  • emily anne
    emily anne

    I like the show without the audience

  • Niyo N
    Niyo N

    Thanks for not using laughter . It really brought some seriousness to this episode that is needed to make public aware of seriousness

  • kautionb


  • Koran Sumant
    Koran Sumant

    idk man like i was still laughing at the jokes without the audience, so I guess that counts

  • Roots of The Land
    Roots of The Land

    You're not quite so funny w/o that live audience are you

    • Ilan Smolders
      Ilan Smolders

      Yes, he is. Too bad

  • Rebecca Johnson
    Rebecca Johnson

    "American major sports were suspended, as was hockey" HEY!!!

  • Der HerrDirektor
    Der HerrDirektor

    Well, well, well. Wouldn't you have liked it better now that the Chinese had gotten "civilized"? Or are (chinese) feelings still more important than (chinese) lives?

  • ezekieloruven

    "America's major sports were suspended, as was Hockey." Caught that burn there.

  • Shane S
    Shane S

    Dont forget, hug an asain to show your not racists....

    • Ilan Smolders
      Ilan Smolders

      Ok doomer

  • pedro almeida
    pedro almeida

    Let him do more rallies across the country and this November it will be a landslide.

  • Ax Har
    Ax Har

    Did anyone miss the after credit scene.Then fuck you watch again😂

  • caillin kelly-bartolucci
    caillin kelly-bartolucci

    Been watching you john.. The Situation In Italy began 14th of February the growth of the Covid-19 here should have alarmed the rest of the world asap.. And its true, as of now we have 65 doctors dead. 5000 hospital workers infected... They have been making life and death choices. I've been in the house 21 days with walks to the balcony. We had an earthquake in our region a few days ago..sheesh. PLease everyone learn...stay home, wash your hands. Use and dispose of your kleenex well. Please if you go out wash the bottom of your shoes, then wash your hands. then its ok to hug the family. I can leave my jacket out..If I do leave the house im usually the only one on the street. I make sure.

  • Cptn_n3m0

    The thing of holding your breath is actually not stupid but it doesnt work line that. If you can't hold your breath for 10 seconds, you have a respiratory second that might come from coronavirus. BUT IT DOESNT WORK THE OTHER WAY AROUND !!!!

  • Martin Phipps
    Martin Phipps

    Salvador Mazza died in 1946.

  • Jayyy Zeee
    Jayyy Zeee

    Headline: "John Oliver Kills Geraldo Rivera, Grateful Nation Cheers"

    • Deep hug
      Deep hug

      Please put fake laugh at least . It’s so strange like this 🤣

  • Jayyy Zeee
    Jayyy Zeee

    Trump: "The buck definitely doesn't stop here. To insinuate otherwise is just you being nasty."

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott

    I forgot to laugh. Can you at least put fake laughs so I can remember when to?

    • Deep hug
      Deep hug

      is it weird that i can still here the audience laugh

  • sagich dirdochnicht
    sagich dirdochnicht

    It is truely scurille, that a fucking satirical show is giving out better and more usefull advice and information then the fucking goverment of the country. The fuck is wrong?

  • Cordia Smart
    Cordia Smart

    How are you still one of the most seamless work from home shows out there! I’m still very much enjoying your show just as much! Thank You!

  • David Berowsky
    David Berowsky

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="766">12:46</a> John Oliver, you're a damn idiot, and misinforming people that actually listen to your BS. Everyone should wear masks. Remember this virus has an incubation period of up to, in some cases, 21 days, so you won't know if you have the virus, or are being exposed to the virus until it's too late. John, stick to berating and belittling Donald Trump, and the Republican party, and stop giving expert advice on matters you know nothing about. You are leading people down the wrong road with your dangerous advise. LISTEN PEOPLE!!!!! EVERYBODY!!!! PLEEEEASE WEAR MASKS!!!!

  • killerB 187 R.O.D stunna
    killerB 187 R.O.D stunna

    Liverpool was 25 points ahead of man city what interesting

  • Mari Ly
    Mari Ly

    The FDA is too slow to approve chloroquine for Corona China patients. The FDA doesn't care that hundreds of Americans die from ChinaCorona every day. FDA's delay has killed 1,000 Americans. The FDA has successfully studied Chloroquine before China in February 2020. Although China has successfully treated chinacorona patients with Chloroquine, the FDA still deliberately delayed Chloroquine approval. American patients are dying. Do FDA / DNC use deaths for their politics?

  • cclevel45

    Great show

  • Drew Lewis
    Drew Lewis

    Rebecca Dragovits HOW TO CREATE A FAKE PANDEMIC 101: STEP 1 - Suppress people's already weakened immune systems by rolling out 5G wireless technology (which is used as a weapon in the military). Don't test it for safety, people will trust you if you say it's safe. Just tell them you can download porn really fast with it. STEP 2 - Declare that there is a new virus in an area of the world where 5G is already rolled out. If there is high pollution in the area, even better. Wuhan, China as a totally random example. Do it in winter when people's immune systems are already suppressed. STEP 3 - Start testing people for infection with an inaccurate test which no one even knows the accuracy of. Make sure it gives lots of false negatives and false positives for maximum uncertainty. Most people will just take the numbers of infected you present as fact. STEP 4 - Focus on mainly testing people who are really sick. Use the excuse of test shortages and cost (legitimate excuses) for why most healthy people aren't being tested. That way it will look like the case fatality rate is much higher than reality. But just to help make it look real, 5G will help increase the real case fatality rate. STEP 5 - Make sure the media goes all in on over hyping and fear mongering. Get most of the sellout alternative media on board too and make them hype it up even more. Focus on areas of the world with lots of old people and active 5G, like Northern Italy... And cruise ships. Convince people that where they live will end up just as bad and worse. Make people so paranoid that they overwhelm hospitals by coming in with the first sign of the sniffles. This zombie rush of paranoid idiots will make it appear that entire countries are getting sicker when mostly they are just getting increasingly paranoid. As a bonus, some people will become susceptible to sickness just by remaining in non-stop sleep deprived active adrenal paranoia. Even many practicing doctors and nurses may be fooled by the zombie onslaught, especially those in 5G areas. STEP 6 - After weeks of testing very few people, start testing far more people at an exponential rate. T his will create the illusion that the outbreak is now spreading rapidly, when really tons of people would have likely tested positive back before anyone even knew there was a virus. If you time it right, it will look like a growing serious threat rather than an always present nothing-burger. For added effect, report that a (coincidentally disproportionate) number of politicians and famous people are infected. This is when the masses start to grow increasingly concerned rather than just a tiny minority STEP 7 - Start counting people who die of the flu or other similar illnesses as dying of the pandemic virus to inflate the numbers. Symptoms are similar, so this isn't a stretch. Hundreds of thousands of people die each year from the flu, so this can make your fake pandemic look much more real by inflating your numbers. STEP 8 - Wait until the perception of the pandemic is scary enough that people are demanding to be mass quarantined and think it's a fantastic idea and the only solution. Then start a slow motion quarantine rollout. Get the people to lead you to quarantine them instead of forcing it on them, to avoid resistance. Make it look like it wasn't your plan all along, but rather the only reasonable course of action. STEP 9 (OPTION 1) - Keep things locked down until warmer sunnier weather decreases incidence of what is otherwise mostly normal symptoms of colds and flus (plus some 5G immune suppression). Declare that the quarantines were effective, and that without them, tens of millions would have died. Yay for big government! Yay for tyranny! STEP 9 (OPTION 2) - Keep society under permanent medical martial law. With numbers never going up but not disappearing fully either. Perfect excuse for permanent tyranny. Especially in the midst of economic collapse which you will have created by now with the fear mongering and quarantines. Travel will remain heavily controlled as long as you want. People will accept the tyranny because they are terrified of the outbreak getting out of control. STEP 10 - Eventually present a vaccine which most people take unquestioningly. After all the fear mongering and the quarantines, people will be completely paranoid and no longer thinking rationally (assuming they ever did at one time). This vaccine will mess with their immune system just like flu vaccines do. Ideally, add this to the yearly set of vaccinations. Get people to line up willingly to shorten their lifespans and make them more susceptible to a real pandemic. Don't worry, most people will not require evidence of efficacy nor safety. They still trust the government and media despite absolutely no reason to do so. Congratulations! You now have the tools to make your own fake pandemic. Kathy Sirois March 18, 2020

    • Liam Wilbur
      Liam Wilbur

      TL/DR: Play Plague Inc.

  • Rogain Ablar
    Rogain Ablar

    12 mins in, that tune is a rip-off of "Just Can't Get Enough" by Depeche Mode.

  • FloridianScotch

    This is a truly polarizing moment in history. I don't have a lot of friends but the ones I used to hang out with (pre corona) are totally disregarding this whole problem. My husband and I will have been home for 2 weeks on my bday on April 1st. We haven't left the house at all. I haven't returned to work. I don't know whats gotten into my friends but I'm starting to really dislike them for being so foolish and so arrogant and aggressive about it. I've been following the numbers, reading scientific research papers and watching all different news sources to get all ends of the story....I'm just shocked at the response from some...Also I live in Florida so our idiot governor is part of the problem and he's buddies with Trump. John! Im with you! Celtic FC might get it stripped from them and its almost 9IAR!!!!

  • MrBluemonkey101

    Also, Don't over buy some food banks rely on donations from local super markets which have a hard time donating if shelves are empty.

  • Ezurial

    The joke about British parents was... Too real. This was funny and educational before but now I'm sad and need a hug and know that I won't get one.

  • Natalie L
    Natalie L

    Not gonna lie, I cried at the end. My brain surgery was cancelled indefinitely last week because of the pandemic and it's been so difficult just feeling okay lately. Thank you, John, for being such a comforting and reassuring voice through the screen. Stay safe

  • John Kirk
    John Kirk

    You never walk alone John

  • Sean DElia
    Sean DElia

    is it weird that i can still here the audience laugh

  • marco oliveira
    marco oliveira

    Please put fake laugh at least . It’s so strange like this 🤣

  • John Mardinly
    John Mardinly

    We should all be terrified and furious.

  • Chris Durgin
    Chris Durgin

    The stupidly is as bad as the virus.

  • Lester Araragi
    Lester Araragi

    If you could hold your breath for 10 secs, u don't have the disease.

    • Ilan Smolders
      Ilan Smolders


  • Stelladona Confredo Butler
    Stelladona Confredo Butler

    I agree with you that Liverpool should get the win

  • Ryan Anderson
    Ryan Anderson

    what! Trump lied!? Inconceivable ! We are not set up for that "Health Care" nonsense. We have corporate profits and inflated doctor's salaries instead! Oh and the drugs, don't forget the drugs. They cost us. The American Medical Association is a CARTEL! One of the many profiteering problems....

  • Pavel Šulc
    Pavel Šulc

    The hamster is cute, but unfortunately isn't right, because #Masks4All matters.

  • Stelladona Confredo Butler
    Stelladona Confredo Butler

    yeah but i cant get tested

  • Mia bear
    Mia bear

    Thank you John for giving us credible info. while brilliantly entertaining us.

  • Michael Weisensee
    Michael Weisensee

  • omegamagna

    I usually smile through your videos but I never "laugh" at them. This was so awkward without the audience I had to force myself to laugh just so it wasn't as awkward. these are strange times indeed

    • Ilan Smolders
      Ilan Smolders


  • StreetArtistsOfTheWorld

    Good job of spreading fear and fake news ;)

  • TGOG Ph0t0n5
    TGOG Ph0t0n5

    Why is this restricted to us

  • Jen Ross
    Jen Ross

    I live in Montana. I went to Walmart recently because I had to for some food and whatever I could get instead of toilet paper since my house is on its last roll but, while there, there was an older couple wearing medical masks and many many people wearing handkerchiefs instead. I really wanted to yell that it wasn't going to do anything but I figured that it wasn't worth it and if it makes them feel better, whatever. Thank you, Mr. Oliver, for these videos and everything you do for humanity. Laughter is important for everyone right now and you are giving important information.

  • 1ledluverjlp

    I have a good feeling that if a liberal president for example Obama was doing and saying all the things that Trump was saying about the Corona virus conservatives would have an uproar about it claiming that he doesn't care about Americans or America. Hypocrites

  • KendrixTermina

    hoping that trump will die o coronavirus if this were a movie this would be the perfect conlusion to the storyarc

  • fishfingas119

    ... John right about that Liverpool thing though ...

  • morty

    The Virus is a Lie

    • Ilan Smolders
      Ilan Smolders

      Fuck off

  • Thomas Rogers
    Thomas Rogers

    Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd, this is why Trump will be re-electd. At a time where the country needs leaders to put aside their political differences, where we need encouragement and calm, we have this guy and AOC acting like children.

  • Joshith Josh
    Joshith Josh

    What's common between US Government and Communist Party in China ...? Both dont care about their citizens.

  • MikeyP215 MikeyP215
    MikeyP215 MikeyP215

    Trump isn't worried about touching a microphone. He's already been vaccinated

  • cj0e

    There's probably more people who have had COVID-19 who didn't know they had it. We need a quick antibody test. We going to end up with a population pandemic from everyone isolated at home. Just ask John, he knows the population is going to explode.

  • katie waldrop
    katie waldrop

    Carona virus II: electric bugaloo

  • Dita

    "Okaaayyyyy .......... fuuuuuu **k"

  • scientia deus
    scientia deus

    Feels weird without the laughs

  • Stimulator7

    9000 people dislike this? eat shit.

  • Stimulator7


  • Daniel Waggoner
    Daniel Waggoner

    Can we send you laugh tracks?

  • Karen Skinner
    Karen Skinner

    Geraldo, dead 3/2020 from lack of air....

  • Sue Grotefeld
    Sue Grotefeld

    How is he not chained down in a prison for the criminally insane??!! Uh I mean Trump, not you John. Stay safe, we need your humor and honesty!! Uh I mean John not ..arghggh Trump urggh uuuhha

  • Karen Skinner
    Karen Skinner


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