How many Chrome tabs can you open with 2TB RAM?
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  • Awopolo

    11pm: Just one more video... 3am:..

  • Tiny Rick
    Tiny Rick

    How many Chrome Tabs can you open with 2TB of RAM? Chrome: 3 take ist or leave it.

  • Lupo Astronomico
    Lupo Astronomico

    Yeah but can it run Minecraft at 32 chunks

  • Иван Фейгин
    Иван Фейгин

    Ok, you sold it to me, after your video I'm definetely will buy a ticket for Jumanji

  • Seratina

    The real RAM test is bloons tower defense 5 if you go to insane levels of waves

  • Mystic Thunder
    Mystic Thunder

    True shit, anytime my computer starts slowing down, no matter what I'm doing, I'll just close some Chrome tabs (I'll admit... I have a few too many open at any given time...) and things will just speed right back up

  • Anirudh Parvatikar
    Anirudh Parvatikar

    2TB of RAM Chrome: Finally someone worthy opponent...

  • Ayyerr

    before i'll watch the video i'm gonna guess it's 3 tabs maybe 4 if he's lucky

  • Acckent

    5:48 what you came for

  • World Peace
    World Peace

    Useless test... Testing on 4GB (it's still a thing on low-end laptop) vs 8GB vs 16GB vs 32GB will actually useful for many people.

  • Jari Sipilainen
    Jari Sipilainen

    answer based on content of tab

  • Big blue Button man
    Big blue Button man

    Here I am unable to open more than 5 tabs lest I risk losing one or more at some point...and this big brain is opening a couple thousand without that issue, lol.

  • bearfishddd

    weird flex but ok

  • JamesDaBest


  • SplicidNate

    Chrome: *I'll take your entire stock*

  • Vipely Gaming
    Vipely Gaming

    why tho

  • Toool

    Linus: 2 terabyte of ram Me: pff I bet he drops it or smth Linus: sponsored by hynix Me: *jaw drops*

  • SM - games
    SM - games

    *He have more ram than my HD*

  • He Knows
    He Knows

    Fuck you 4:21 music scared the shit out of me

  • Colin Thibault
    Colin Thibault

    5 tabs

  • James Mcsorley
    James Mcsorley

    How did he open all those tabs so quickly? Can you select all tabs and duplicate them repeatedly?

  • James Mcsorley
    James Mcsorley

    That's more RAM than a field of sheep 🐑 🐏

  • Tej Wael
    Tej Wael

    yeh amazing now try it on 2 gb of ram

  • Mikkel Andersen
    Mikkel Andersen

    I could use one of those... I have 8gb, and it sucks

  • VeryClamyMan

    But how well does it run minecraft?

  • Benji Frater
    Benji Frater

    No ram disk benchmarks? weak sauce

  • Jacob Thompson
    Jacob Thompson

    Should we write a script to open tabs? Nah just have Linus open them manually.

  • di nou dinou
    di nou dinou

    While i'm using a PC with 8gb ram ...

  • Nicola_ Noobb
    Nicola_ Noobb

    30 sec to right click? Is'nt that normal?

  • Nicola_ Noobb
    Nicola_ Noobb

    Does open tabs effect ping?

  • shreks memelab
    shreks memelab

    My Laptop Lags just by Looking at this video

  • disabled submarine vet
    disabled submarine vet

    try opera it can open a ton and uses more memory.

  • outiSTAR

    finally... minecraft and chrome at the same time, thx LTT

  • VisiCZ

    Three, take it or leave it.

  • Daja Mihai
    Daja Mihai

    you absolute buffon, i have 129 ram on my pc

  • MardiGamer 2.0
    MardiGamer 2.0

    Minecraft server owners want to know your location

  • MardiGamer 2.0
    MardiGamer 2.0

    I dont need sleep i need answers

  • Ramdev Jangid
    Ramdev Jangid

    I have researched so drastically that I've crossed 100+ Chrome tabs on my cell..and instead of no.100, tabs shows " :D " lol , I thought I'm the first one to cross 100+ but this guy....😂😂

  • Haisha Wang
    Haisha Wang

    I have 5000 chrome tabs opened on my computer with 16GB ram, and most of the tabs just say cannot open due to not enough memory.

  • Yosie poter
    Yosie poter

    He probably never heard about downloading RAM

  • BjdoL22

    Ayyyyy it's the meme guy

  • PandaGamer Zone
    PandaGamer Zone

    Can someone who watched the video tell me the amount? I won't waste my time watching a 12:50 minutes video that can be done in less than one.

  • venky rocks 25
    venky rocks 25

    Me says proudly: i have 8 gb ram Linus: im four parallel universes ahead of you

  • kingcrimson234

    That's weird, a few years ago I had more than 1000 tabs open in Firefox on a 16 GB system with an i7-4930k. It ran fine. Sounds like I'll keep using Firefox.

  • P3nGu4L1fe

    I finally play minecraft with mods

  • Scott Wales
    Scott Wales

    Can it Run Crysis?

  • Василий Сапронов
    Василий Сапронов

    check on linux and firefox)

  • P3nGu4L1fe

    This is why i use brave

  • MrTurtle

    This video will be irrelevant in 20 years

  • Communist Trash
    Communist Trash

    Yeah the ram is cool and all but there’s no rgb so is it really that good

  • SpongeBob SquarePants
    SpongeBob SquarePants

    How many Chrome tabs can you open with 2TB RAM? Chrome: 3 take it or leave it

  • godsdisciple23

    Chrome: How is your experience Linus:Yes

  • Joven Rata
    Joven Rata

    Lowering the brightness level on a screen makes it easier to record from a camera

  • Mehmood Khan
    Mehmood Khan

    tbh i've got shocked when i see that 2tb ram omg thats huge mann i have 8gb :D

  • Connor

    This is every Escape From Tarkov players wet dream

  • Johnlongears

    next video: How many Chrome tabs can you open with 10PB RAM?

  • pinquinsam

    W8 neopets is still in the air?

  • YurBoi PJ
    YurBoi PJ

    " This has way more storage than your system" me: I have 2T

  • Nedim Mehinagic
    Nedim Mehinagic

    your wrong my memory right now is 258gb

  • Harrison Cushing
    Harrison Cushing

    You better have loaded up