Kristen Bell Ponders Morality While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones
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Kristen Bell is one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood, with a career in TV and film that includes everything from box office smashes to beloved cult classics. Speaking of the former, Frozen II hits theaters this November. And, on the topic of the latter, you can catch new episodes of Veronica Mars streaming on Hulu now. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as Bell tests her Carolina Reaper-trained palate against the wings of death and discusses everything from the moral philosophy of The Good Place, to the time her husband embarrassed her at the Met Gala with Jay Z and Beyonce.
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Season 9
Episode 11
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast

    So what are YOU doing with the death chili?! Share your thoughts here:

    • Yeiiid

      @Austin Morris DAMN lmao

    • Alison M
      Alison M

      COO love

    • Phoenix Media
      Phoenix Media

      link to dax;s video please?

    • Angéla Ella St. Matthew
      Angéla Ella St. Matthew

      I've been to The Good Place, so, LOL

    • Mike Brown
      Mike Brown

      I'd eat them all myself

  • Theresa Griffin Kennedy
    Theresa Griffin Kennedy

    I totally LOVE this show. Its helping me deal with the quarantine. Ugh. LOL...

  • Marisa Palacios
    Marisa Palacios


  • Bernie Stimpson
    Bernie Stimpson

    Such a fantastic JP Graziano's shirt

  • nobull shiit
    nobull shiit

    she is a fraud she doesnt look anything like that

  • LokiCoyote77

    Comes across as one of those rich, spoiled, sheltered little twats I do everything I can to avoid.

  • Catalina Araya
    Catalina Araya

    I don't think I've ever loved a white woman more than I love Kristen Bell

  • Coda •
    Coda •

    This was such a great interview. I want to say a lot more but that pretty much sums it up haha

  • Dennis Verberne
    Dennis Verberne

    It's the show with hot questions and even hotter guests.

  • Ross McEwen
    Ross McEwen


  • Me

    Dude, from that smile she had during the intro I knew this was gonna be a great interview.

  • frossman10_2

    Dude... She's 100x hotter than the wings

  • Shannon H.N.
    Shannon H.N.

    She is so well-spoken and down-to-earth, I wish her and backs were my best friends. Move over Monica, I'm coming in

  • Cat Girl
    Cat Girl

    he said save the five people or kill the one person so why wouldn't you just save the five people and then no one dies

  • Konnor Yoder-Eastes
    Konnor Yoder-Eastes

    Did anna drop f bombs

  • adeereplowboy

    Why do people think those extremely processed vegan foods are good for them?

  • Hi

    She’s so good in House of Lies!

  • Daan

    Anyone else noticed the Hawkins hoodie?

  • Francine Truong
    Francine Truong

    This is just Kristen Bell having a fun lunch lol what a beast

  • Rinchen Heffelfinger
    Rinchen Heffelfinger

    wtf is the music in this

  • Don Eagan
    Don Eagan

    Wow...she is an animal...just a runny nose!

  • fbwthe6

    Damn she bossed

  • Isaac Jones
    Isaac Jones

    She really should have had 3 of the Last Dab just to punk Dax! lol

  • flash more
    flash more

    Fake as fuck, theres no way she could shrug off those peppers!

  • Rocky Reyes
    Rocky Reyes

    Forking Shirt balls

  • Josherz

    she's so genuine. I want to get mom drunk with her and sing karaoke.

  • Alyssa Rodriguez
    Alyssa Rodriguez

    I want Kristen Bell to narrate my life

  • Nour Choukrane
    Nour Choukrane

    I said this once and I’ll say it again. We need one of these for Josh Gad

  • youtmeme

    Anyone ever look up what that akabanga stuff is....??

  • Neil Crowe
    Neil Crowe

    She's such an awesome person and just breezed through it

  • Jackie Joseph
    Jackie Joseph

    Kristen bell is the best👊👊💥💥👏

  • Jenn Nguyen
    Jenn Nguyen

    I love her so much, she has such a cute and positive vibe

  • Lorna Gladue
    Lorna Gladue

    I would like to see Ryan Tedder on ur show one day!? 👌💯%🇨🇦😎

  • Hailee's Hell
    Hailee's Hell

    I like that she said "talk to myself in my head about" instead of "think about"

  • Per Magnus Haig
    Per Magnus Haig

    You guys are so cute !!!!!!!

  • dlxe

    Can you please invite Dax back ? He needs an award

  • Isabella Yodice
    Isabella Yodice

    sloths are "a junk drawer of an animal" :)

  • anorexickitten

    Enjoyed watching her on this show x thank you x

  • JanuaryBeautyful

    I genuinely didn't think I could love Kristen anymore than I already did 💖

  • thassa lot of sodium
    thassa lot of sodium

    most people dress casual for this show but kristen is serving us a ~look~

  • Sophie Sykes
    Sophie Sykes

    She's everywhere on tv

  • pastorryker

    She is a treasure. What a smart, talented, funny, and balsy ass chick! Love her and would be awesome to hang out and party with her and Dax!

  • OneCueT - Kristi
    OneCueT - Kristi

    KRISTEN took it like a champ!

  • robert houle
    robert houle

    we don't bimbo's or TV food host deciding on the welfare, never mind life or death, of the people of the earth. fuck off!

  • Cashmera Fresca
    Cashmera Fresca

    Loved this episode sooo much!!! This got me through my workout 🏋️‍♀️ and is helping me during quarantine. I have always liked Kristen but now I adore 🥰 her!!! Will be watching Frozen 2 right after this 😆

  • James IV
    James IV

    LOL i was thinking "wow I remember watching her on Veronica Mars back on UPN" (Still remember the episode where she dumps energy drinks into the backup harddrive safe)

  • The J Thang
    The J Thang

    That woman is frikkin awesome!!!

  • vanessadostoievski

    She makes look easy

  • Camille Rochon
    Camille Rochon

    he’s wearing a stranger things hoodie that’s amazing

  • Ashton LeBleu
    Ashton LeBleu

    Still angry about Veronica Mars finale. Just....still mad.

  • Ashton LeBleu
    Ashton LeBleu

    I totally thought she was vegetarian

  • Brianna England
    Brianna England

    Xoxo Gossip Girl 💋

  • Kamille Marie Guillermo
    Kamille Marie Guillermo

    Get Tom Holland! 😁

  • Andrew Teng
    Andrew Teng

    her and Dax are obviously super nerds

  • Sai Namuduri
    Sai Namuduri

    Get some more tech guys onto Hot Ones! Linus, JayzTwoCents, Elon Musk, Mate Rimac - WE WANT THEM ALL! Oh, and also: E M I N E M

  • bbria28

    She is a fucking boss!

  • Josh Perry
    Josh Perry

    Dax was impressive, but he did it way back before they started doing these sauces that are like 2million scoville.. I think his hottest was close to 600,000 scoville

  • Greg Online
    Greg Online

    Quick reminder, that while Kristen Bell didn't even blink an eye for the first six wings, DJ Khaled already quit after the third one after accusing the whole production of making his wings spicier than Shawn's.

  • Kareen Benavides - Wiley
    Kareen Benavides - Wiley

    the fact that shes 39 and looks 21-

  • Link Age
    Link Age

    There would be no Veronica Mars without Kristen Bell. She's so smart like that character but in real life.

  • Ashes, Ashes
    Ashes, Ashes

    Liked her on Craig Ferguson's show as a regular, and this just brought more respect into my impression of her. She manages to be an adorable philosopher and more. I guess I'm a fan?!

  • Big Brain
    Big Brain

    Someone need to animate anna saying all this cursing Anna would be amazing

  • Duke Couser
    Duke Couser

    Big disappointment they aren't even eating the wings they just bite into them

  • Duke Couser
    Duke Couser

    She meant something when she was talking about that African hot sauce but I don't know what

  • Hempy Weeds
    Hempy Weeds

    " of course he did what a piece of shit " 😆 I ❤ Kristen

  • Stephanie Nicole
    Stephanie Nicole

    okay but can we please get dax on the newest season so he can try these hotter sauces because he's 100% the raining champ atm and I need more!!!

  • revo45ar15

    Kristen is awesome.

  • MegaBrosTv Joe
    MegaBrosTv Joe

    Nobody: Disney princess, Anna: That one is fucking hot

  • James Hunter
    James Hunter

    I’m getting such a peaceful wholesome vibe just from the first <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="103">1:43</a> this is gonna be good 😂

  • lisa mansfield
    lisa mansfield

    She is just great.

  • lisa mansfield
    lisa mansfield

    Sean is nice.

  • moby1kanob

    uumm, ok if I am honest...Kristen and him did not have the BEST chemistry...not my favorite episode which sucks because I love the show and I love Kristen...sometimes Personalities just do not mix great? I dunno I am stuck at home during the Pandemic and going mad, I am probably over thinking it.

  • Noelia Jaime
    Noelia Jaime

    Love you both What an awesome couple you and Dax make.Perfect synergy

  • lisa lisa
    lisa lisa

    Oh, at the end... His t-shirt, hot giardiniera, I'm hungry! Yessssss!

  • mythirdchannel

    Kristen Bell is just the bestest, yep, she's so awesome she distorts grammar rules and it's fine.

  • Hey Its Me
    Hey Its Me

    Same with the movie thing

  • Hey Its Me
    Hey Its Me

    I love Anna

  • samm flower
    samm flower

    chidi would be proud

  • Victor Zeledon
    Victor Zeledon

    It’s 1am and I’m watching this. Thinking of all the vegan wings on the shelves right now that nobody wants. #Quarantine

  • Car Culture Nation
    Car Culture Nation

    Ok all I'd they were great she was the most greatest person on here ever. And the sloths my daughter I into them s well.