Neil Degrasse Tyson Explains Coronavirus, Debunks Human Brain Theory + Season 3 of The Cosmos
In our recent interview with Neil Degrasse Tyson, he talked about the new season of The Cosmos, breaks down the falsehood of the theories that humans use only 10% of their brains, and how genetics can pass down intellectual and physical attributes.
Also, watch as he also explores and explains the Coronavirus.
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Neil Degrasse Tyson Explains Coronavirus, Debunks Human Brain Theory + Season 3 of The Cosmos

Sway’s Universe

  • Rusty Weapon
    Rusty Weapon

    "You know how many times we touch our face...100 times a day" - I was 100% touching my face when he said that and pulled my hand away like I touched a hot stove...

  • Douglas Garfinkel
    Douglas Garfinkel

    If only he was as clear in responding to multiple rape, sexual assault and sexual harrassment claims made against him.

  • 4pedos

    7.08 So called intelligence tests are still being used in this manner, and yes, I agree, that´s criminal

  • Maria Rose
    Maria Rose

    Many people are not having kids FOR THE PLANET not the opposite.

  • womens wellness
    womens wellness

    Thank you for speaking on the realities of inherited DNA ~ our independent mentality of America does not change reality that most other countries understand!

  • Kjell Noekker
    Kjell Noekker

    Haha Neil is such a great motivator- telling the truth about bullshit testing.

  • james keith
    james keith

    He couldn't explain why he's got a hole in his arse

  • Debbie Damiano Billirakis
    Debbie Damiano Billirakis

    Neil....a big oops on the NO mask needed theory. No debating THAT.


    And THIS! will without a doubt, Debunk that LARGE Numbers of our Species have! a Brain.

  • Curtis Smale
    Curtis Smale

    The models of the scientisses were WRONG.

  • Curtis Smale
    Curtis Smale

  • Curtis Smale
    Curtis Smale

    Neil deGrasse Tyson is unqualified to speak on viruses or brains, they are outside his area of scientific expertise. whatever he says on these things has no necessary increased validity than the words of the guy working in produce at your local grocery store.

  • Stacyka YeCourtney
    Stacyka YeCourtney

    That's because 90 percent of other people are using it for you. If in isolation you have 100 percent. They just wanna be there to record and spread to world each person Barbra Hersey style with friend but all a lil violated.

  • Stacyka YeCourtney
    Stacyka YeCourtney

    Imagine if a person has been recorded since infancy. Now imagine the first time you get your first real solo life an house. Now someone plays it verbally back at you. O.o and someone else has the volumn full blast or right to lower it to annoy you. Would you RPG that star with your name it bullet stalker style on earth. Would all blow them up? They're here.

  • usrawesome

    I find it interesting that a superpower has to ask a third world country for answers. Again where are all the Experts?

  • usrawesome

    Thought he wiould divulge more scientifically not speculatively on the corona virus.....he basically stated we were doomed when the ships and plans came home instead of quarentined until solutions found. Now who "s decision was this.?

  • Aurelian Rado
    Aurelian Rado

    Neil is the virus!

  • deskryptic

    Like that bit about every new born child

  • deskryptic

    he got the black finger point tho

  • deskryptic


  • Useful Music
    Useful Music

    The man sans button-up shirt said "telepathy", not "telekinesis". An inspiring story about Dad Cyril Tyson.

  • Bill Bird
    Bill Bird

    Why is Facebook taking down doctors posts

  • Hanna Madbak
    Hanna Madbak

    "The mask is oversold"!! We love you, but stick to the cosmos Degrasse :)

  • Yahweh'sWarrior

    Hey Neil, do you still stand by your claim that the earth is pear-shaped? Lol

  • Mike Servis
    Mike Servis

    "Never memorize what you can look up in a book" I like that! Let's exchange book got Internet

  • Dingle Berry
    Dingle Berry

  • ray Nic
    ray Nic

    There's an expression: Hard work always beats talent, except when talent works hard.

  • basichate

    Sounds like he works for gates and fauci. Sell out again. NO VACCINES!!!

  • Bd D
    Bd D

    Not just physical contact "Doc" also an airborne contagion!

  • David Hur
    David Hur

    People should also wear a mask, because you can also breath the virus From people.

  • Toni O Malley
    Toni O Malley

    I think the mask makes people feel like they are doing something to be in control of this thing ,came for Neil will stay for the chats regards from Ireland

  • spencerc6

    Niel, you about to say everything twice for however long this is. I'm 5 minutes in and he's making Lucy turned into energy jokes to entertain their dumb audience. Consider their demographic. Fire your manager.

  • Michael Ransom
    Michael Ransom

    it must be annoying to spend your days working out lorentz transformations to determine relative local coordinate systems, and then come on a talk show and get asked questions where the answers are not only readily available online, but are also blatantly obvious... he must die inside a little bit every time... I don't know how he stays so hopeful for the future, considering at least 2/3 of the population have the potential, but just can't be bothered to actually stop and think things through.

  • r b
    r b

    You need to have this I.Q. conversation with Sam Harris. If you already have, then you need to do so again.

  • werebeasted

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1268">21:08</a> For a renowned scientist to look at population growth of humans on this planet and make an argument for the probability of a single one of those -- apparently WITHOUT regard to genetics or necessarily family income and other possibly deterring and even uncontrollably deterring aspects of environment -- to opportunistically SAVE the planet -- or just the addition on any number of people as having a positive outcome on the average vs a negative outcome on the planet -- as being a probabilistic worthwhile investment to not deter people from having children -- seems to be an anomaly in rational scientific thought. Any science to back that up Neil? That's not to say that as society becomes more enlightened and individuals approach death and/or leave the better part of their lives behind that these same individuals as they age and retain political positions of power can literally sabotage life for everyone on this planet in order to make what life they have left remaining as self-important as possible. Looking at the baby boomers in the U.S. and our current infatuation with lemon socialism and socialized capitalism that benefits the very few in a society that now knows no bounds to spending on certain people while continuing to spread taxes that are clearly a grab among the poorer of the masses. I don't think having more children will beat that curve of extinction soon enough, to prevent the death of a nation.

  • mysolin Gnitheptdow
    mysolin Gnitheptdow

    Check on youtube man lights paper on fire with his chi......this guy doesnt know about clairvoyance.

  • Vahid Djalily
    Vahid Djalily

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1026">17:06</a> "if people o--listen to scientists..."; lip-tard almost said 'obey' 😂 he's been bought over! 🙄 "Do Exactly What We Say" 😈 but if there are doctors w/ conflicting statements, who do you listen to? Listen to Neil who commands you! 👀

  • Filip Agada
    Filip Agada

    The cognitive sensory motor activity of the brain is pulse driven and brain impulse regulated its the HEART that makes any thought of sensory order

  • D800Lover

    Is Neil deGrasse's head so big, that he has to wear headphones like that?

  • Victor Dell
    Victor Dell

    Being Politically Correct doesn't make him correct... It just insures he has a job tomorrow in this controlling dictatorship operating under the guise of a republic.. This so called virus has been proven to be LESS dangerous than the flu and treated as such in places like Sweden Norway Iceland and others WHO DID NOT LOCKDOWN THE PEOPLE and are doing MUCH BETTER THAN THE USA... it's called herd IMMUNITY which is hindered by the exact government intervention taking place in the USA.. These are FACTS THAT HAVE BEEN CENSORED and blocked from the American mass media propaganda machine.. The truth doesn't fit the bs American government narrative.. TRUTH IS TREASON IN A NATION OF LIES..

  • Grenilda Otero
    Grenilda Otero

    Such a pleasure listening to him! 🙏💖

  • Theresa Hall-O'Brien
    Theresa Hall-O'Brien

    Awesome interview except he should wear a mask

  • Miss V
    Miss V

    I remember him, coming to my college. Very interesting man. He knows his stuff.

  • doug keyes
    doug keyes

    The coolest, kindest person in this cosmos

  • wertyou07

    Neil's a little goofy.

  • Ava Salvatore
    Ava Salvatore

    In this episode, NDT states that the mechanism for spread of coronavirus is by contact (countertops, doorknobs) and that [masks are a bit more than needed]. After this episode, more research about this new virus’s behavior has been done: coronavirus has been found to spread not only by contact and by ‘droplet’ (cough, sneeze) but is also airborne (can cling to microscopic particles that float much longer/farther than droplets/spray). Wear an effective mask to protect yourself and people near you until coronavirus is contained and/or vaccine becomes available. KN95 masks made in Korea are becoming available now in US, are same as N95’s made in US which have been routed to first line HCP’s, and provide much better filtration of virus sized particles than pleated paper/salon/surgical masks, although these are still better than nothing.

  • patty toussaint
    patty toussaint

    A lot of US is anti intellectual

  • patty toussaint
    patty toussaint

    NDT vs grunge

  • Alan Pounds
    Alan Pounds

    A born teacher. Superb to listen to. Probably about anything he turns his mind to.

  • Gerald Tyler
    Gerald Tyler

    He said” it’s called bhulshid” lmaoo

  • Dr Joseph S Maresca
    Dr Joseph S Maresca

    Why aren't we testing for Vit D levels in the blood - especially for the elderly? The Vit D enhances our immunity if we have a material deficiency. There is little sunlight in areas with long rainy seasons, as well as, areas with heavy snowfalls. People who get little sunlight need to supplement with Vitamin D3. In addition, we need adequate rest and stress reduction to achieve great health.

    • IXL2BW

      I have never heard Dr Fauci or Bill Gates ever say anything like that. Supplements are great also. Most people could use Magnesium.

  • tabcobra

    Neil, already heard from the anti-vaxxers, they all say they won’t take a Corona virus vaccine.

    • One of many Hubers
      One of many Hubers

      tabcobra Natural selection...

  • j smith
    j smith

    Interesting how the MAGA crowd who don't believe the science of global warming are the ones protesting for things to open up. More interesting is how many of them don't publicly protest or wear masks if they do. They believe science if it could save their ass, but rig their trucks to "burn coal" because screw the rest, the future, nature itself. For MAGGATS it's all about "Me!"

    • IXL2BW

      For me, it is sickening that Democrats are questioning the Right of the People to Protest. It is in the Constitution. And you don't get to dictate how we do that.

  • Elias Farias
    Elias Farias

    Neil can't tell us what's on Mars.

  • Omar Lemus
    Omar Lemus

    Oops Neil. Vibrio cholerae is a bacteria, not a virus. I think what you wanted to say was “pathogen”. Always following your tweets and social networks.

  • lucky munyoro
    lucky munyoro

    this dude is an idiot...Cholera is caused by bacteria n not a virus...

  • Scott Kendall
    Scott Kendall

    Point 2 means you should be quiet.

  • itsoutahere

    The flue kills 600000 people a season world wide sooooo!!!!

    • One of many Hubers
      One of many Hubers

      itsoutahere COVID-19 is not the influenza. It has similar symptoms, but is a novel virus.

  • Cmd Dowd
    Cmd Dowd

    Everybody love 2 hear themselves until other"s walk out of the room..8 then they get upset..paradox..8 & people are dieing & the E.R=Nurses life"s are on the line..! Wow only in America..8 where's Don king..?

  • George Korn
    George Korn

    I missed something. Aren't scientists and med. pro's saying use a mask?

    • Elliott Granville
      Elliott Granville


  • Neville McNaughton
    Neville McNaughton

    Neil, in the cheese business we live with viruses all the time. But we know that if the virus does not have a host for 48 hours it disappears, 72 hours is better, we use cultures in rotations, the suppliers of the cultures know its weaknesses and tell us how long to run before we switch. Is there any parallel with Covid 19?

  • supreme1

    Reading the comments shows that people seemingly just listen to whatever theyre told without any investigation on their own part. Ever wonder why two doctors can have two diff opinions. Duh, .. This nigga just said if people would listen to these scientists we would be fine. Wtf!. Do yall realize shit is about money and power. Cosmos remeber. Listen to a scientist who still havent fully understood how mummys were mummified or how the great pyriamid was created. Doctors(anthony fauci to be exact) pumped out azt for aids patients and that killed them. . they say get a flu shot but i aint never had no fuckin flu. No matter, you cant shouldnt believe everything you hear. Question everything. We went to war w iraq cuz wmds but there were no wmds. Mcnamara said that he made up the bs to invade vietnam. You dont see that we are human fucking beings. We lie bro. Chriatopher columbus "discovered" america. How the fuxk u diacover aomething already inhabited. Thanks giving. Lies dude. All lies. .. We travel to outer space , a vaccum so cold itll rip anything to shreds. Osama was thrown over board for a proper Muslim burial. Do u knw what victorias secret was?. .

  • Chris

    Neil is a scary person. He grabs your attention by correcting the 10% of your brain myth, creates credibility by bragging about his high school and the virtues of learning calculus, and then SMACKS down the audience's right to question the legitimacy of the Rockefeller, Gates run Big Pharma model for healthcare by segmenting the audience into two distinct groups vaxxers and anti-vaxxers. He then portrays anti-vaxxers (and probably anyone who questions his professional choices in life i.e. being a marketing rep for tax payer funded deep space science) as beneath him. Tyson is MSM. In order to learn about the 500k children who were paralyzed by Gates' polio vaccine, or the thousands of women who were purposely sterilized by a tetanus vaccine and other examples of the FDA sidestepping vaccine industry's use of the world's population as guinea pigs you have to investigate it on your own. Neil won't tell you because Neil is not an educator. I'd ask Neil questions about space, not vaccines. "Neil, which eugenics based Rockefeller Foundation or Gates Foundation funded asteroid avoidance solutions should we mandate society funds and implements? The ones that save the wealthiest 1%, or the ones that murder the other 99%? I understand the government can't reveal the actual existence of an earth bound asteroid due to National Security concerns." I think shows like Sway's Universe should have more fun with Neil than they do...

  • Tor Strasburg
    Tor Strasburg

    I don't understand how this episode could garner 1.4 thousand dislikes. Was there anything Tyson said that was controversial? Distasteful? Wrong? Perhaps the thumb-downs were for science itself, which Tyson represents? Or is it that a chunk of people simply don't like him, his personality?

  • Jimbo Coats
    Jimbo Coats

    The true Virus are those that have already, and will murder more all over the planet behind the scenes in, or tied to world governments, running all forms of control. Be it death or life! Its time to take it back, away from them once and for all! Sounds like deGrasse is on board.

  • Louis Hong
    Louis Hong

    Now he thinks he's a medical expert. He loves to talk and hear his voice.

    • Louis Hong
      Louis Hong

      @haiku859 Fortunately, life's decisions aren't binary. There's always more options.

    • haiku859

      Ppl always hate up, never down. Remember that!

  • Richard Cecere, Jr.
    Richard Cecere, Jr.

    I can listen to Neil all day long. Also, if I'm going to believe anyone, it's him even though he isn't a medical doctor.

  • We Deserve Better
    We Deserve Better

    Sooo we're supposed to care about what another showboat TV 'scientist' thinks about something that is not his specialty? Nah. I'm good. He's supposed to be an astrophysicist not an epidemiologist. I throw him in there with Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, Bill Nye and Sanjay Gupta. They'll do anything for ratings. Dr. Birx hasn't done much to redeem herself either, since she started celebrating the #LowRatingsTrump talking points. No help to the American public at all.

  • D James
    D James

    I simply wont listen to him becoz he beleives in moon landing. ..... What does he take on Covid? I dont care coz i beleive Covid is total S.C.A.M!!!

  • Don Eichelberger
    Don Eichelberger

    Interview was decent, but he should not have played down the importance of masks. As we breathe or speak we constantly eject tiny droplets in to the air that land on surfaces, like desks, microphones, etc.; it is not necessary for us to touch surfaces in order to infect them. Masks should be seen as a symbol of solidarity that shows we have each other's back. I wonder if he has reconsidered his position in the last two months?

  • Lisa Cox
    Lisa Cox

    Do you all believe a teacher who gives a test to a kid in school should be able to the kid they are retarded

  • David Williams
    David Williams

    The human brain is more powerful than any man made computer, but the human brain came from gooey stuff that evolved from nothing..huh?

  • rmarbertin8

    When scientists contradict each other, yes, some scientists will not be listened to. I get the impression he's not a virologist.

    • joseph orlando
      joseph orlando


  • gplus46

    I'm not sure what test he is speaking of but, IQ tests are generally identified as such, because they correlate strongly to areas of intelligence not just because they just arbitrarily does as NDT says.

  • Fred Birkhoff
    Fred Birkhoff

    that was awesome, neil degrasse tyson is awesome

  • Edward Britt
    Edward Britt

    I have a question for you dr. Tyson the Doppler effect produces a wave and lights a wave and gravity is a wave in time is a wave

  • Tamika Queen
    Tamika Queen

    Today is May 9, 2020 & we are loosing!! We don't believe in washing our hands, however, I do.

  • Tamika Queen
    Tamika Queen

    Then the US has failed!!

  • Melissa Porter
    Melissa Porter

    The clowns are being pulled out to push the plannedemic scare.

  • Dick Ritchie
    Dick Ritchie

    WTF would NDT know about infectious disease?