Nick Offerman Gets the Job Done While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones
First We Feast
Nick Offerman is an actor and comedian best known his role as the revered Ron Swanson on Parks & Recreation. He's also a New York Times best-selling author, and you can catch him live on the All Rise Tour-visit for more information. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as Offerman puts his silver tongue to the test against the wings of death, battling the sauces while he breaks down his love affair with white oak, explores modern masculinity, and responds to some of the internet's favorite Ron Swanson-isms.
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast

    Make sure you wait until the end for the latest banger from OG Camera Guy Bill! What do you think about "Triple X Spooktacular"?

    • Ryan James
      Ryan James

      Get Chris’s Pratt on!

    • Winona Robinson
      Winona Robinson

      @Green Man h

    • Winona Robinson
      Winona Robinson

      @Sean Imankkmklm

    • Winona Robinson
      Winona Robinson


    • Nick Lounsbury
      Nick Lounsbury

      Pretty cringy

  • Tyler

    I just love hearing Nick Offerman's giggle, he's such a happy man

  • True Story
    True Story

    Psycho Bunny polo shirt. My favorite brand.

  • BringYourOwnAmazing!!!

    This guy. Love that down to earth Midwest attitude.

  • Spud

    The Ron I know would eat this with a straight face then ask for more wrapped in bacon

  • Sam Padgett
    Sam Padgett

    What in the hell kind of drink of whiskey was that SEAN

  • Jesse Gish
    Jesse Gish

    And I'm a midwesterner, we like our portions. Thicker is better... a man of the people.

  • Elizabeth H
    Elizabeth H

    Best one so far. I’ve always wondered about the quality of the chicken wings. Are they fried, smoked, baked?

  • Christina Jackson
    Christina Jackson

    The visuals in this one are priceless. Hahaha

  • Walter Haven
    Walter Haven

    Is it sad that I want to become famous only to get on this show?!?!

  • Marisa Palacios
    Marisa Palacios


  • Joe DeVore
    Joe DeVore

    Guy hosting looks exactly like John Michael Higgins when he playing Elaine's bald bf from Seinfeld



  • Bad Weatherfreak
    Bad Weatherfreak

    Ron needs scotch not milk

  • Ingrid Hanson
    Ingrid Hanson

    He actually talks like this! I’m so confused and also amused

  • stephen delong
    stephen delong

    I just love how oppo his laugh is.

  • Fatal

    I feel like this is general knowledge but if you don't know when someone is called a 'pussy' it is not referring to them as a female anatomical part, it is a shorting from 'pussy cat' or 'scaredy cat'. As you call someone a 'pussy' when they are acting scared or skittish. Thank you for listening to my grammatical error filled TED Talk!

  • Robert Lorenzo
    Robert Lorenzo

    Ron Swanson said pussy. I can die now

  • Leina Marie Andersen
    Leina Marie Andersen

    You have a sauce from my home province!? That's awesome!

  • Rukus Mon
    Rukus Mon

    the laugh at the end killed me! his laugh is so unexpected.

  • Ethan Stockman
    Ethan Stockman

    His hair makes him look like the king of pornstars

  • HernanFB

    Not gonna lie hes fucking rocking that high fade, beard combo it suits hes character.

  • Cas The Demon
    Cas The Demon

    Why do retards keep thinking pussy refers to women's vaginas when used as an insult? THAT'S NOT WHERE IT COMES FROM. STOP TRYING TO SAY IT'S SEXIST.

  • Naji Khalilallah
    Naji Khalilallah

    Before watching this, I honestly didn't think I could Love Nick anymore than I already did..... He's freakin hilarious!!

  • Edward Binion
    Edward Binion

    Update...It's "apocalyptic" right now!

  • Adrian McDavid
    Adrian McDavid

    Whoever ordered that pizza need better lawn maintenance.

  • Atripose

    I bought some nick offerman edition lagavulin. Damn good scotch.

  • Евгений Черномор
    Евгений Черномор

    I thouht it was Andy Serkis.

  • Nephilim Heart
    Nephilim Heart

    Ikea, a good company? You know the founder is a nazi right?

  • Jim Grant
    Jim Grant

    What Nick says at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1140">19:00</a> about Ron reminds me of the scouts and Goddesses episode. Ron isn't funny in that episode because Nick is playing funny. The comedy comes from the fact that Nick/Ron is committing so hard to being a hard ass that he is oblivious to anyone's perception of him. it makes the episode funny and even heartfelt with that ending. Also, Nick was kinda struggling until he got to the end. Then he seemed totally fine which honestly scared me more than if he hadn't been struggling at all like Jay Pharoah. ya know what i mean?

  • Ben Armstrong
    Ben Armstrong

    I expected more from you. Hm..

  • BluePunkRoad

    Wish this guy would stop cutting nick off 😂😂 He was just about to talk about how he owns part of the lagavulin company in Scotland. Nicks like “we got friendly while up in scotland and....” and the guys like LOOK IN TO THE CAMERAS AND TELL THEM WHAT YOUVE BEEN UP TO IN YOUR LIFE!!! Like no bruh

  • Nboiz

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="238">3:58</a> when you live in the same town as Ron Swanson

  • Marc Johnson
    Marc Johnson

    I like Nick very much but that rant he went on against the word “pussy” is the most profoundly “pussiest” thing I’ve heard recently.

  • Coffinsmoke

    History started in 1776 everything before that is just bull shit. Lol

  • cowboy hank
    cowboy hank

    Bit of history “old Ironsides” was a nickname it’s real name was the USS Constitution

  • Flight Therapy **BullisticFPV**
    Flight Therapy **BullisticFPV**

    Thunder Bay, ontario is one of the most rotten, filthy places in Canada. Source: am Canadian and have been to Thunder Bay lol

  • The Trikster
    The Trikster

    The 1.8k dislikes are the vegans that don’t like Ron Swanson

  • Alan Ryun
    Alan Ryun

    Stopped watching at “da bomb”. Da sauce doesn’t belong.

  • Dave from State Farm
    Dave from State Farm

    I love his laugh so much.

  • A.W. R-C
    A.W. R-C

    "When the Brits came over here and discovered our forests" Weird he says that like it wasn't his own ancestors.

  • Farmageddon

    ron swanson would use his own sauces, these do not satisfy his taste buds

  • Jack

    I kinda dont like him as a person

  • Evan Lyons
    Evan Lyons

    “It’s apocalyptic outside, but at least we can get pizza delivered by a drone.” God damn this man is prescient for 2020.

  • Robb Garrett
    Robb Garrett

    I live on a lake I love to

  • Simon Harte
    Simon Harte

    Being a pussy has (originally) nothing to do with the female genital, google "pussilanimous".

  • Bearded Blue
    Bearded Blue

    man Nick Offerman lookin swole as hell, atta boy!

  • Kristina G.
    Kristina G.

    Is he really a talented ballet dancer though, is the real question

    • Wesley Brookman
      Wesley Brookman

      Kristina G. He is actually

  • David Schulte
    David Schulte

    As a u of I student watching them talk about it just put a huge smile on my face

  • Adam Hanohano
    Adam Hanohano

    Hes so fucking cool

  • B Hath
    B Hath

    The Nick Offerman giggle is one of the greatest sounds of all time.

  • MIXR D
    MIXR D

    We call each other pussies because balls make testosterone. I thought that was obvious enough lmao... When I saw the pic of Nick with a pussy hat I felt my soul die honestly

  • Gail Demeny
    Gail Demeny

    Am I the only one who finds Nick just flat out sexy?

  • Nathan Schmidt
    Nathan Schmidt

    A drone delivering pizzas all day would have a significantly smaller carbon footprint than someone driving around a car. Thumbs down Offerman.

  • Wvinzz beliebiger nachname
    Wvinzz beliebiger nachname

    I can't fit in a sentence how much I like and respect Nick Offerman.That guy is like his character but with the might of an ancient God.When Nick Offerman goes into a forest, wildlife surrounds him and begins vigorous lovemaking

  • jimjimmyjames59

    Best haircut/beard combo I've seen on him yet. And yes, I'm a barber.

  • B Lam
    B Lam

    Nick has made my top 3 favorites. He should change his name to Nick Silvertongue.

  • KitCat Tv Official
    KitCat Tv Official

    This guy would make a great Joseph stalin

  • Emma

    “It’s apocalyptic outside, but at least we can get pizza delivered by a drone” feels eerily relevant at the moment

    • Me

      Forreal. Living in LA this shit's wild.

    • SMaxTH

      Emma it’s waaaay too relatable rn

  • Soggycastle153

    I feel like Nick and Ron are basiclly the same person

  • ProtMythic

    If you told me in High School that I'd be watching this in 2020 while the entire world is on shut down and the most powerful nation on the planet cannot get enough cotton or whatever to make some face masks, I'd be like yeah, well, that's just like your opinion man.

  • N Premoe
    N Premoe

    Minooka Illinois... A place I'll meh get forget. Lol. I think I was sadly enough the biggest "dope bust" in the villages history. Oh what a fun night as a silly youth.

  • ExP Gabe
    ExP Gabe

    dude both of these guys are spectacular at speaking. they both rock for exisiting

  • TheBuckyboo

    Ron Swanson channeling Chilli Klaus

  • Andrey Lukashev
    Andrey Lukashev

    Wow, he didn't even comment on Da Bomb, he just started answering questions...

  • Andrew Finkner
    Andrew Finkner

    "I don't care about living anymore" all of us in 2020

  • John O'Neil
    John O'Neil

    OUTRO IS ...slightly funny but mostly terrible. Just an opinion. It's ok if you disagree. We'll still be strangers who will never meet.

  • Mateo Jurgec
    Mateo Jurgec

    nick looks like evolved version of andy serkis

  • Marijn van Iwaarden
    Marijn van Iwaarden

    Nobody is going to reference the outro of the cameraman?

  • ben tertainment
    ben tertainment

    Omg I’m watching this on a weird rectangle while crying

  • Nick Yashnyk
    Nick Yashnyk

    I would love to have a conversation with both of these guys

  • Cole S
    Cole S

    I love the way he speaks

  • i

    What is that dead rabbit polo shirt he is wearing ???? - i fancy the logo, but cant find the brand on the internet.

  • Juan Villasenor
    Juan Villasenor

    What a fuckin MAN 😂

  • Anthony King
    Anthony King

    "My well-being is ghosting me. Later bro." BEST HOT ONES LINE EVER.

  • Ark of Hawaii
    Ark of Hawaii

    He look like bad guy from marvel movie

  • Lily Fowler
    Lily Fowler

    Nick Offerman is literally just socially aware Ron Swanson and I LOVE it

  • ZariDV

    Also im pleased to find out that the iconic, adorable, Swanson giggle is a real thing this man does naturally. Like how blessed are we to exist in the same era as Nick

  • ZariDV

    Me 3 secs in: Oh no...he's really hot. Like...i....what? I've only even seen this man when playing Ron Swanson and he was basically everyone's disgruntled manly man dad. But this? I dont know how to process this.

  • Andrew Galvan
    Andrew Galvan

    From first we feast love you Shaun Evans