NLE Choppa - Walk Em Down feat. Roddy Ricch (Official Music Video)
Listen to "Walk Em Down":
TikTok: @NLEChoppaMusic
Triller: @NLEChoppa
A Psycho Films Production
Director: Christian Sutton
EP: Sam Canter
Producers: Geenah Krisht & Mary Margaret Merritt
DP: Dannel Escallon
PD: Dre Day Designz
1st AD: Erik Mateo
Editor: Tyler Sobel-Mason
VFX: Warm & Fuzzy, Nuclear Creative, Max Goodrich, & Will Tooke
Colorist: Stephen Derluguian
Lasers: FutureWeapons Lasers

#WalkEmDown #NLEChoppa #RoddyRicch #WalkEmDownChallenge


    I Need To See The Whole World Vibing To This And Hitting The New Walk Em Down Dance #NLE💔

    • Chloe Warren
      Chloe Warren


    • Mackofficialrapper

      Nle Choppa is very consistent I can't wait to meet and work with him when I get big

    • Clinton Wilson
      Clinton Wilson

      Yeah nigga

    • MegaCatBlocks

      Vibe chedk

    • Cathal Lacey
      Cathal Lacey


  • croy croylightbourne
    croy croylightbourne

    Walk Em down ok bloodddd

  • GhoulzFN

    Choppa: Walk Em Down Whole Comment Section: *CORONAVIRUS SAYS LOCK EM DOWN!!!*

  • Tiera Henderson
    Tiera Henderson

    You stuck in quarantine


    Sound better when he is calm my favorite music now by nle

  • MrBillyASmith

    He is by far my favorite.

  • Maxwell Millette
    Maxwell Millette

    Choppa got the lifestyle that’ll make a white boy jealous haha

  • Liam Brister
    Liam Brister


  • NL SIRE Reigns
    NL SIRE Reigns


  • Xain

    Roddy got 22 secs on this track I counted

  • jazmin london
    jazmin london

    I had nle part in my head all day ⁽⁽ଘ( ˊᵕˋ )ଓ⁾⁾

  • Leavethecult

    this song Fuego

  • Zari and mari Edits
    Zari and mari Edits

    This is the best song ever 🥰😂😂😂🥰

  • Mister Piggy
    Mister Piggy

    Am I smacked as fuck or does NLE look like a really good 3D animation

  • Dav Mejia
    Dav Mejia

    God damn this fire I almost wanna cross the street without looking both ways🤣😂

  • Isaiah Schwab
    Isaiah Schwab

    This song is fire 🔥🔥🔥 fr fr

  • McArthur Freeman
    McArthur Freeman

    Nle is stuck some were

  • Dripboi Zarif
    Dripboi Zarif

    you should do a REMIX on this song with a Boogie wit Da Hoodie! NLE Choppa - Walk Em Down (Remix) feat. Roddy Ricch & A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie (Official Audio)

  • shorty__ shay
    shorty__ shay

    i learned this song on the first

  • Isaac Rodriguez
    Isaac Rodriguez

    Nle is gonna kill him self you no on twitwr he said that

  • The Miz
    The Miz

    The first time I heard one of nles song I was like wow now I’m like lettsss goooooooo

  • Ryan White
    Ryan White

    I love your songs and video

  • Devin Langston
    Devin Langston


  • David Goldschmidt
    David Goldschmidt

    All his songs be so good so I subscribed

  • Alien Girl
    Alien Girl

    This Shit Hard Asf

  • Devin Langston
    Devin Langston


  • ツMugi

    Why did famous hoes do so good? Was it cause he released it right after the school day was over? 🤔

  • Tycen Cox
    Tycen Cox

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$NLE Choppa

  • Clifford Spencer
    Clifford Spencer

    That's some good blue hair 👌😎

  • Cc L
    Cc L

    Best song of the decade

  • MattBlack

    Ok this shit do be kinda fire lmao

  • Andreia Alves
    Andreia Alves

    Who's better youngboy or nle choppa Like - nle choppa Ignore -youngboy Coment - Roddy ricch

  • Memes

    all love man

  • Memes

    i lowkey love his hair nigga

  • Swiftness

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1">0:01</a>

  • Jasmine Mcallister
    Jasmine Mcallister

    This song a hit nle and roddy rich need to make a album

  • Alexis B
    Alexis B

    This song fire!!

  • Iron Trash
    Iron Trash

    I can’t tell what Choppa hair color is

  • Anakin Martinez
    Anakin Martinez

    A #NLE Choppa💔 u are the best rap and I just show love to the best rap but u are 1 best rap to me and u expired me and I love u 🔥❤💜💰🎶💯

  • Abraham De Leon Galindo
    Abraham De Leon Galindo

    My boy Nle chopa always has that energy every video and in real life

  • Jairo Cruz
    Jairo Cruz

    Tell me NLE Choppa isn’t the best rapper out there

  • TrueKey

    When your mom walks into your room after she told u to go to bed but your still up <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="90">1:30</a>

  • Justin Batemon
    Justin Batemon

    This ass reply plz you don’t read no comments


    Which part is better? Roddy or Choppa? Reply and say your opinion... Also have a great day/night!

  • Chavarri Smitj
    Chavarri Smitj

    We love your songs

  • Glenda Tovar
    Glenda Tovar


  • OvO_ _Cool
    OvO_ _Cool


  • crossyouover4

    🐐 goat

  • alan beltre
    alan beltre

    mañana te envio el video

  • Alfie Bain
    Alfie Bain

    We need to protect this man 👑 🐐

  • Ayden Lands
    Ayden Lands

    Don't kill yourself

  • Kirk Stiles
    Kirk Stiles

    You can really tell how smart and accustomed these guys are becoming as they keep making music. Loved the mixing and the artwork was nuts, and i fee like the lyrics had more meaning than hunting killing and selling dope. Luckily i have an open mind and i can perceive things for more than what they are. much love NLE and Roddy

    • WaveyJermey

      Shut yo bitch ass son jk

  • iSlayyOppz

    best song of 2020💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  • Jose Rod
    Jose Rod

    14 year olds and under crank to this.... y’all wouldn’t understand 👀

  • Jose Rod
    Jose Rod

    Y’all go listen to king lil g “living my dream” fuck this nigga paying for features and trynna get clout 😂 half them niggas in songs don’t fw him 💯 bullet in his head before 2022 real talk

  • Shuretha Turner
    Shuretha Turner

    Make a song about young rich

  • b B
    b B

    But the coronavirus

  • Seek Knowledge, Gain Truth
    Seek Knowledge, Gain Truth

    Bruhh look like every other rapper light skin with tattoos lol

  • ryan allen
    ryan allen

    nle pls dont do it idk y but pls dont do it because your going to able to make more fire songs and then im going to be sad just like when x died pls dont do it


    Slap Certified

  • V1xion Ace
    V1xion Ace

    Sick song mate but can you go back to 16 yr that makes shotta flow 200


    That shit hit

  • Ttv micfit18
    Ttv micfit18

    Fortnite montage just dropped with this song go check it out🔥@NLE Choppa

  • Ian Noyshh
    Ian Noyshh


  • Marian Brown
    Marian Brown

    I like this song

  • Deine Mutter
    Deine Mutter

    I hope nobody kill him

  • Adrienne Smith
    Adrienne Smith

    My man finna end himself NLE we finna lose him at the end of the year 😢🥺



  • Fazlasıyla Aksiyonlu
    Fazlasıyla Aksiyonlu

    Travis Scott ft. Drake - Sicko Mode :::::::

  • Real Synthetic
    Real Synthetic

    "When I hit him with this hold hundred rounds" best part in my opinion

  • frxnek

    nothing will top shotta flow

  • Cole Buechel
    Cole Buechel

    NLE hella tall

  • NikoFNBR

    Juice wrld vibes

  • zy robrt
    zy robrt

    Dj is a great what you got uptrend you know torture and towy to why the app has to stop the crashing to woowo

  • ItsYaBoiKevin Jr
    ItsYaBoiKevin Jr

    My night now your dance is like you having a seizure

  • Eric Worthen Jr
    Eric Worthen Jr

    I have black dregs

  • dashadaboss

    all my crips in dah same place💯🚧🌡

  • Ben Higdon
    Ben Higdon

    Juice Wrld would fit perfectly in this song

  • Mikus Ziemelis
    Mikus Ziemelis

    I swear if this man dies

    • Mikus Ziemelis
      Mikus Ziemelis

      @Adrienne Smith I know bruh it would hit as hard as juice and x. Rest in peace both yall

    • Adrienne Smith
      Adrienne Smith

      We finna lose him bruh at the end of the year 🥺😢

  • David L
    David L

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="11">0:11</a> looks like me jamming in my apartment

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