PewDiePie! - We built you a gaming PC!
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We’ve secretly been building a PC for none other than PewDiePie - and its finally done! Housed inside this custom Creeper PC chassis we’ve got a SWEET gaming rig, and we’ll show you how we did it!
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  • John Ashley
    John Ashley

    Linus: "those celebrity PCs... and takes a freekin year to build it" *Jayztwocents has boarded a plane to British Columbia*

    • Brian Griffin
      Brian Griffin

      @Notpoop Just a year old, it's not like you'd throw it away woukd you?

    • Jean Mesa
      Jean Mesa

      Fuck Jay & his digressions - fucking bozo! Let’s go Linus show em how to do this shit!!!

    • Swathi Mano
      Swathi Mano

    • OmegaJax


    • syphax08


  • dominique fisher
    dominique fisher

    I would love to buy one of these if you guys want to build another one

  • Jersey 21
    Jersey 21


  • Kelsey S
    Kelsey S


  • jon dabron
    jon dabron

    Linus is traumatized by his past shipping experiences

  • Finlay Dobson
    Finlay Dobson

    The flaw of the pc turning off when under load is actually a feature. Because it’s meant to show the creeper exploding and an exploded pc isn’t gonna work 😁

  • Misael Aguilar
    Misael Aguilar

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="14">00:14</a> that's protohw

  • mik hol
    mik hol

    when you poor you want things for free, when you rich and famous, you just get things given.

  • gonzo

    That's a penis!

  • gordanzzzz

    Build a pc 4 a milliner because there is no pour people U can build 4. Fucking idiots

  • Personal Nemi
    Personal Nemi

    Soo... I didn't realize the creeper had the form of a penis until now. Thanks Linus. Nice case.

  • The Road to Cosplay and Comic Con
    The Road to Cosplay and Comic Con

    * grabs wallet * how much

  • Lil Pawpi
    Lil Pawpi

    This cannot go to fed-ex

  • lol


  • Gaming For Live
    Gaming For Live

    make a software that detects explosions gets the had up and pull it than down (all for current spike :))

  • FineSniper 2188
    FineSniper 2188

    I like it how everyone is getting new stuff during quarantine and I have to sell stuff to stay on my feet. Sadly I had to say bye to my computer and Xbox

  • Archer Jr
    Archer Jr


  • Born Prime
    Born Prime

    bruh i have nothing to play on :(

  • Abdul Wahab Ghulam Muhanmad
    Abdul Wahab Ghulam Muhanmad

    Imagine if the creeper came to life and did it's job (<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1342">22:22</a>)

  • S E A N
    S E A N

    Imagine if pewds download RTX on minecraft And Creeper PC explode

  • Χ Σ
    Χ Σ

    Come on! It is clearly a dick with a face and two balls

  • Keylem

    Pewdiepie: *unboxing the pc* the pc: *makes creeper sounds* also the pc: *explodes*

  • Chris Puhara
    Chris Puhara

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="193">3:13</a> A Creeper PEZ Dispenser

  • William Lazenby
    William Lazenby

    That would make your blood curdle... Clot?

  • oli saer
    oli saer

    plot twist: It's actually a manual bomb.

  • TuanVN 2007
    TuanVN 2007

    aw man

  • Vidonicle

    custom pcs just went to a new level

  • Callum_Spotting

    Creeper...Awww man

  • _noel24k

    so bad that he hasnt seen this video

  • Joel Gamer
    Joel Gamer

    can u make me a gaming pc i am ur big fun

  • TheRockerRomeo

    I am not a celebrity, but i love gaming. I can't afford high end gaming stuffs. Why dont you guys make a pc for me?

  • Ethan Cotton
    Ethan Cotton

    Anyone else hate having a flaccid creeper?

  • Turtlez 2020
    Turtlez 2020

    Linius: how did you like the computer? Pewdiepie: MY HOUSE IS A CRATER NOW!!!!!

  • Regonate aykra
    Regonate aykra

    Great video, can you make one for me? xoxo

  • F34R_Shusty

    Aww man

  • HWKZ

    aw man

  • Elishah Martinez
    Elishah Martinez

    When you file on metal, use a little oil so the metal sticks to the oil and doesn't get loose in the machine. Then Clean after filing.

  • Khenn Chann
    Khenn Chann

    damn, i wish they build me a gaming pc even if its lower tier

  • Noah Green
    Noah Green

  • 258hunterkill

    I love how old man Linus just start telling gpu horror stories in the middle of the vodeo

  • Anish Alle
    Anish Alle

    those 2 sticks of ram are worth 3 times more than my entire pc.

  • Gamer Game's Game
    Gamer Game's Game

    Hacksmith are 99.99% accurate

  • M3rg3 Gaming
    M3rg3 Gaming

    If I were to ever make a pc without worrying about money, I would love to make it server running type. So that it can run a full server for a game with 500 players, play the best of the best games at atleast 90 fps and stream and record at the same time very very smoothly at really good quality. I don't such a pc exists lmao, but if it does, that's like a gamer dream, anyone else agree?

  • im frank
    im frank

    no link for pewdiepie's reaction?

  • Thomas St. Amour
    Thomas St. Amour

    If the pc crashes when you pop up the head isn't it a feature like pls: "Please don't pop the creaper head" and then he looses all of his footage?

  • Jean Mesa
    Jean Mesa

    The guy in back is just looking over at the camera hoping it pans over like he has something to say 😂😂😂

    • Feri Doang
      Feri Doang

      indeed haha

  • ArEa

    The real question is... Does it explode like a creeper🤔

  • zenixlo

    who else is looking for pewdiepies comment?

  • Digit

    I got a Linus advertisement when I clicked on this video

  • David MacKirdy
    David MacKirdy

    He's seen a lot of things

  • Owen O’Donnell
    Owen O’Donnell

    But the real question is what is the recommended amount of dedotaded wam to run a server

  • Spiros

    That guy at the back staring once in a whileXD

  • Ermal Smajli
    Ermal Smajli

    Linus have seen things folks👀!

  • G2G TV
    G2G TV

    Why does this remind me of a how I met your mother episode

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    21 VR

    How much does this cost?

  • The Anton Channel
    The Anton Channel


  • Mat Kim
    Mat Kim

    hears a boom at pewds house

  • Richard Hirsch
    Richard Hirsch


  • Tomdudecool

    They never do put the link in the description do they?

  • ElektrikOkapi

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1438">23:58</a> it despawned

  • Checkertirol

    is brandon come from austria???

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  • Friend

    This is art

  • Chase Hotter
    Chase Hotter

    What if he made a PP PC

  • Whiterose

    wheres the bit where the guy presses the button and scares linus

  • Richard Gregg
    Richard Gregg

    May I suggest @linustechtips that you could use panel clips like car manufacturers use to fix plates that would make removing them easier of required without any external evidence.

  • Magmood Josephs
    Magmood Josephs

    The creeper pc is going to blow up

  • PewDiePieISBetter

    C R E E P E R

  • Royalzombie222

    fam gimme one of these. actually no u dont have too. i do really want one but my parents dont wanna spend like 5-6k for one. my birthdays comming up so i hope they get me one

  • Javoy williams
    Javoy williams

    Just wasting money and time as if pewdiepie doesnt already have a good pc

  • Blueboy69


  • RekhArt DawN
    RekhArt DawN

    its a transformer penis

  • Joey Godsey
    Joey Godsey

    This channel is like PC building in creative mode if it were Minecraft.

  • Joey Godsey
    Joey Godsey

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="127">2:07</a> KNIFE PARTY shirt FTW!

  • Brett Goldsmith
    Brett Goldsmith

    fun fact about solenoids: when you first turn them on they draw an infinite amount of current for a hypothetical infinitely short period of time

  • uMad bro
    uMad bro

    HAHAHA! he cannot add the usb pcie for the vive trackers! XD

  • Quinten Reimer
    Quinten Reimer

    I can't believe it broke in shipping, oh yeah spoiled alert.

    • Dude I got food 2
      Dude I got food 2

      Wait really?

  • LJ L
    LJ L

    When you are putting a sticker on your lego set <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1220">20:20</a>

  • isidown

    Front: creeper pc Side: pp pc

  • Eviolus -
    Eviolus -

    Does Pewdiepie even use the PC?

    • Feri Doang
      Feri Doang

      nope, i guess