Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker | Final Trailer
The saga will end, the story lives forever. Watch the final trailer for #StarWars: #TheRiseOfSkywalker in theaters December 20. Get your tickets now:

  • Ehsan Ahmad
    Ehsan Ahmad

    Who are you Ray Ray who? Raid shadow legends

  • paul gallacher
    paul gallacher

    What a pile of shite

  • Aiden Docherty
    Aiden Docherty


  • BronzeAlive

    Ben shouldn't have died, he was the best character, why does every evil person who is redeemed have to die right after?

  • madison

    lets be real the title was clickbait

  • Giga saurus raja
    Giga saurus raja

    This is my favourite official/final trailer.

  • LeftHand Monarch
    LeftHand Monarch

    Worst Star Wars movie ever.

  • danny gregory
    danny gregory

    110k dislikes are siths

  • Martha Lucero Estela Chacon
    Martha Lucero Estela Chacon

    Great movie!!!

  • KîllJøys Exxotick
    KîllJøys Exxotick

    This move would have been better if during the final battle, Anakin rematerialized and beat Palpatine to a pulp.

  • Diego Baltodano
    Diego Baltodano

    Amazing!!! 🔥

  • Jago_uk- Hellings
    Jago_uk- Hellings

    That beat drop is amazing !!!

  • Penny Pie_gacha pie!!¡
    Penny Pie_gacha pie!!¡

    Star wars you've been my fav saga and us fans of your saga we well all never forget this long line of star wars movie and im about to cry that this is the end of the star wars saga and that emperor return how in hell is he alive after he got trown by darth vader (aka anakin skywalker)

  • q 11
    q 11

    i thought the LAST skywalker wouldnt die in the movie called the rise of skywalker but here we are

    • BronzeAlive

      yep really its just the legacy, not Ben solo who should've lived

  • Talks with Josiah
    Talks with Josiah

    This was legit one of the worst Star Wars movies of all time. Probably the worst out of the entire Skywalker saga.

  • Kadin Pinet
    Kadin Pinet

    Yo is it just me or does any OG Star wars lovers still at least get a sad feeling when the song gets all sad and really emotional?!? * gets to that point in the trailer* "The saga will end" Me: NOOOOOOO WHY WOULD YOU END IT WITH FREAKIN BEN DYING ON US SW: Sorry it had to be Ben not Rey Me: …...f*@$3%^(&#)&%*)#&(&^%#!@$)#&% SW: welp….

  • Matthew Vlossak
    Matthew Vlossak

    This movie destroyed the legacy of Darth Vader bc Anakin was not the Chosen One all this time...Rey was. How they destroyed such an iconic character is beyond me.

  • Nen Animations
    Nen Animations

    Best movie ever

  • Fat Yoshi
    Fat Yoshi

    Star Wars Episode 9 : Palpatine Resurrection

  • Beastlyferret30

    People keep making jokes about this being the final saga then a next one joking of a next one... I mean honestly if they do decide to make more it’s good

  • Logan K
    Logan K

    Who else just got done crying because the series is over

  • OZ TZH
    OZ TZH


  • LoReX

    Has nobody realised that sonic the hedgehog movie trailer has 300 000 more likes than this😂

  • SkyTitan

    Love this movie

  • Obi Wan Kenobi
    Obi Wan Kenobi

    Hello there

  • 501st Clone
    501st Clone

    Like here if you like Colins Travaro's script more !

  • BlueOdin09

    When the actual trailer is better than the movie itself

  • William Sandberg Jensen
    William Sandberg Jensen

    2167: The Ride Of James Charles

  • Marcos MB
    Marcos MB

    I keep going back to this trailer just for the music, it’s honestly a master piece

  • Vivek Maru
    Vivek Maru

    Lo and behold the next generation of Pampers diaper and spoon-fed Nestle baby-food actors.

  • Vivek Maru
    Vivek Maru

    M.J. The Rise Of Moonwalker. :)

  • unreal-ben _
    unreal-ben _

    Yeah whooooooo

  • Hedō

    teacher = today i'm sick so you won't have school me = 1:38

  • Panda731 Mini movie Creators
    Panda731 Mini movie Creators

    the starwars so long movie and story in the world

  • klimg gfcfg
    klimg gfcfg

    فلم Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker 2019 مترجم عربي بالكامل اون لاين بدون اعلانات @t



  • MLG Hazrad
    MLG Hazrad

    Spoilers for this movie Haha just kidding THUNDER CROSS SPLIT ATTACK!!!!!

  • AmanoGe

    I think the next star wars movie will have as main characters the kids in the ending of Episode VIII P.s: I was crying at 1:16

  • 勝

    this movie is so overrated. i can’t believe that it’s got 86% for the audience score on rotten tomatoes. this is the worst star wars movie in my opinion.

    • J C
      J C

      Yip bringing back palps undoes the last six movies of the franchise.

  • Zaid Syed
    Zaid Syed

    I watched this trailer the day it came out, and this movie the day it came out, and I'm watching the trailer again now, but it still gives me goosebumps. What a good trailer.

    • Limit Breaker
      Limit Breaker

      Trailer > movie


    So who agrees with me that they should make the old republic movie or a darth revan film?

  • Carlos De La Cadiz
    Carlos De La Cadiz

    All Disney and Lucasfilm accomplished with this trilogy was to split the fandom and ruin Darth Vader's redemption arch. At least Mandalorian is good.

  • TheRealLamboYT -
    TheRealLamboYT -

    God this had to be the worst movie in the sequels. Probably worse than the last Jedi

  • CactusKing17

    there making more movies, this isn’t the end about Old Republic. And tv shows.

  • River

    2019: Rise of Skywalker 2069 The Adventures of Darth jar jar

  • Angelo Clemons
    Angelo Clemons

    2019: the rise of skywalker 3000: the rise of jar jar binks

  • andemoine winrow
    andemoine winrow

    This film will be available for purchase in April on d.v.d, the original high definition blu-ray and the SUPER HIGH DEFINITION blu-ray.

  • Thomas Kai
    Thomas Kai

    When the trailer is better than any movie Abrams made in the trilogy

  • Cowman

    when the trailer is better than the movie itself

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader

    Did they say, “Rise of Skywalker”? *That means im coming back, hehehehe*

  • AmazingGrant Holmes
    AmazingGrant Holmes

    2019: The saga ends 2022: Solo another Star Wars story

  • mini inferno
    mini inferno

    Wat did Disney ended this i think there can be antother trilogy

    • J C
      J C

      I don't want another trilogy.

    • Game Clips Central
      Game Clips Central


  • Lia Rose
    Lia Rose

    Here's my take on why all of the star wars fans hate the sequels because they're "not as good as the originals": The originals were one of the first movies of their kind. All of the design and action, it was all brand new and exciting. So seeing something _that_ amazing in theaters as a little kid must have been just incredible. However, looking back on the originals, they were kinda trash compared to what we have today (I love them, but still). But since we saw them in such a different light back in the day, we still view them as perfect. But now that there are a lot more movies like that today, a new star wars movie isn't going to give us that same amount of pleasure and amazement as it did when we first saw a new hope as children. It's not that the new movies are trash, it's that they aren't going to give us the same pleasure as it would if we were watching this as 10 year olds.

  • Soeren Kressner
    Soeren Kressner

    There will be a nother spinoff aniway

  • whatsthatbigbuttondo

    What's the soundtrack title that starts at approximately 1:28

    • Game Clips Central
      Game Clips Central

      Star Wars soundtrack

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker

    Disney: I have brought creativity, good plot, new fans, and money to my new trilogy! Star Wars fans: your new trilogy? Disney: don’t make me kill you! Star Wars fans: Disney, my allegiance is to George Lucas! To creativity!

  • furry cute
    furry cute

    Thanks George Lucas this is the beast movie l see in my life


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    • Game Clips Central
      Game Clips Central

      LIKE A BOSS MEMES! “Shut”


      Game Clips Central *S H U T*

    • Game Clips Central
      Game Clips Central

      furry cute “best”

  • masrerrook1

    Czy Star Wars może się kiedyś skończyć ?. Nie chcę tego !.

  • Matthew Vlossak
    Matthew Vlossak

    I was really hoping for an epic lightsaber battle in the sequel films like the Duel of Fates or Obi Wan vs Anakin. Unfortunately, none of the sequel movies had such a duel. Disappointed. Hopefully the next set of films raise the bar.

    • J C
      J C

      No no more films.

  • Little Sketch
    Little Sketch

    2022 disney:lets make another and thats how a new beginning started also what happens when your a ghost in Star Wars, thats something that needs answering...