The Road to PS5
PS5 lead system architect Mark Cerny provides a deep dive into PS5’s system architecture and how it will shape the future of games.

  • Yellow24FlashX

    Make a way for ps5 users being able to clean the fan so that the playstation stays optimal

  • Roger Levy
    Roger Levy

    Honestly I think this man is a trailblazer.

  • Cristián Paris
    Cristián Paris

    This has a like/dislike ratio of <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="121">2:1</a>. Sony's marketing department has some serious work to do.

  • TheMorvisGG

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  • MrSiryeah

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    Can you collaborate with *X BOX* and make a new CONSOLE

  • Mark

    You already know this guy aced public speaking

  • Madara Uchiha
    Madara Uchiha

    Legit got a heart attack when he named Haven City of Jak II. That game, one of my favourites, is so old i would have never expected Sony could remember it

  • saçma sapan
    saçma sapan

    Ps5 realese datum is 22/11/2020

  • Amateur meme guy
    Amateur meme guy

    Mark Cerny:Hi my name is Mark. I was sent by Cyberlife.

  • Umar Londe
    Umar Londe

    hi I am one minute in and I am already asking for a summary

  • Patryk Piotrowski
    Patryk Piotrowski

    When the PS5 will be released the PS4 will be cheaper, so therefore the PS3 will be cheaper and then the PS2 will be cheaper and then hopefully I will be able to buy a PS1 in bad condition.

  • Marcus Soriano
    Marcus Soriano

    I gonna bought ps5 when it release

  • Marcus Soriano
    Marcus Soriano



    Why does this have a lot of dislikes?

  • Либералы мусор
    Либералы мусор

    Awesome presentation of PS5 possibilities. It's not like some E3 for kids. Also Mark's speech was brilliant!

  • Raven

    Aye yo can you guys work from home or something cuz my account got banned and the chat doesn’t work

  • Drawing World
    Drawing World

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  • Redemption GAMING
    Redemption GAMING

    Ps is the best

  • GothicWay

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1033">17:13</a> his only uhm during the entire presentation and it wasn’t even that bad

    • Xx_Vive Boi_xX
      Xx_Vive Boi_xX

      Didn't even notice that

  • Pipin Ruchiyati
    Pipin Ruchiyati

    Insya Allah beli...

  • Christian Ramirez
    Christian Ramirez


  • Piper Give me some sugar
    Piper Give me some sugar

    Sony please tear Xbox

  • Marijn B.
    Marijn B.

    Anyone notice this guy looks a lot like Dana Carvey 😄

  • Omaree dixon
    Omaree dixon

    I'm sticking to handhelds I have the ps vita enough for me but cool

  • E B
    E B

    Just found this this new ASMR video for my sleep problems. Thank you, SONY.

  • Unknown Viewr
    Unknown Viewr

    I didn't know this video require some IQ

  • Ankon trigger
    Ankon trigger

    I won't buy the ps5 because it's going to be overpriced.

  • SQ Famboii
    SQ Famboii

    Now I know people from cyberlife have to take a break dis dude is a alien

  • SQ Famboii
    SQ Famboii

    Guys please tell me what the freak he's talking about help

  • Fantasy Realm
    Fantasy Realm

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="710">11:50</a> is literally the only stutter😳

    • Jin Kazama
      Jin Kazama

      Glitch in the Matrix.

  • Jasmine Lyria
    Jasmine Lyria

    amazing graphic of ps5 must be better and ever

  • Eberhart Ethan
    Eberhart Ethan

    Xbox players really try to dislike

  • Ju Ju
    Ju Ju

    This man is the type of guy to find a way to make a game like sword art online possible

  • Aiden Rementer
    Aiden Rementer

    Xbox series x is better but I still might get the ps5.. idk

  • C J
    C J

    The hype is too real boiiizz

  • arceomaryann

    This Man Is Speechless, how can you speak 52 Mins That Long, I Can't Even Read A Poem, But I Was here for the Ps5 Look and hardware, but it only show The evolution, The graphics, and engeneering

  • Chris Faith
    Chris Faith

    I'm gonna buy it I promise I wanna see what Naughty Dog does on PS5 just show me how it looks

  • NAH

    Umm did they say the price?


    I can’t wait omfg

  • moth

    Starting off a presentation for a world leading Product with "unfortunatley"

  • benelli12

    Thanks for the great presentation, Church Lady.

  • Володимир Абрамчук
    Володимир Абрамчук

    Short description from stream: Zzzzzz-zzzz-zzz

  • Flar

    what an amazing speaker!

  • Berk Playz
    Berk Playz

    The dislikes are from switch fanboys PlayStation/Sony Are the best

  • Davon Hoops
    Davon Hoops

    I got my acc hacked help me get it back

  • FuryRust

    They need a JUMPSCARE. 🙂

  • Camillo Magician
    Camillo Magician

    Playstation or Xbox? NINTENDO switch!

  • Jon Olick
    Jon Olick

    Great job Mark!

  • Ruka


  • Sr YoloSs
    Sr YoloSs

    Don't close the play station 4

  • Doge of Dojima
    Doge of Dojima

    Mark Cerny for President

  • William Kristiansen
    William Kristiansen

    So the backwards thing is only for ps4 games and not under?

  • Retr0

    I’m glad about Sony and what they are doing and Mark Cerney for the amazing presentation and telling us all about the PS5, I can’t wait for this console!

  • XtremeMAX

    I love how he sounds like an upgraded android

  • Jessie Klinesmith
    Jessie Klinesmith

    why does my iPad get better Frames per second than your PS5? I'll still be able to use your controller on the ipad right?

    • VGN VideoGameNinja
      VGN VideoGameNinja

      Pffft, PS5 will annihilate your wimpy iPad in every conceivable way.

  • MasamuneChad

    Though I enjoyed and understood everything here, I think Sony needs to give the PS5 a but of an enthusiastic voice behind it. This feels like the PS3 all over again.

    • MasamuneChad

      @VGN VideoGameNinja I wish NLsoft comments did gifs.

    • VGN VideoGameNinja
      VGN VideoGameNinja

      Don't lie. You understood nothing he said.

  • Refletindo Sobre o Espaço
    Refletindo Sobre o Espaço

    Será feito aonde? Eu deveria ter aberto o meu ps4 quando chegou, que tratamento de prevenção de oxidação ruim é esse... OHMYGOD. Cadê os lacres nos parafusos? Economia isso? Tô indo verificar se não é falso, a Sony já foi melhor...

    • Refletindo Sobre o Espaço
      Refletindo Sobre o Espaço

      Será que humanos aprenderão mais com o COVID-19, isso foi importado e sem impostos. Ficou ruim e humanos voltam para casa. Sair da terra, ops, meio limitado.

    • Refletindo Sobre o Espaço
      Refletindo Sobre o Espaço

      Como é no US, "100.00$", no BR vai para "500.00$" não tem nem montadoras de console aqui. Tão protegendo o que? Que raios de industria? Aplicaram esse malditos impostos no que?

    • Refletindo Sobre o Espaço
      Refletindo Sobre o Espaço

      Eh, a falta de onde levar para reparos faz com que tu aprenda e muito.... caro neh

    • Refletindo Sobre o Espaço
      Refletindo Sobre o Espaço

      Engenharia it´s cool, Reversa is hard. Madeira há, bambuu também. Não fere metal. grato pelos parafuso"hard" lol Torque, o que isso mesmo?

  • Krd452

    Why this has so much dislikes?

    • Mfundo Tenza
      Mfundo Tenza

      Probably all the people that thought the presentation was boring

  • Apple User
    Apple User

    This man is talking like he was send by Cyberlife... 😂😂

  • Ron Dasher
    Ron Dasher

    PS5 is going to ROCK !! Can’t wait to see what NaughtyDog is going to do with there new toy !

  • Desmond Sky
    Desmond Sky

    People who disliked this could never survive college

  • Unknown

    Always Playstation but now XBX better & Strong ..

    • VGN VideoGameNinja
      VGN VideoGameNinja

      Nope, PS5 is stronger and better than XSX.

  • RagingUtai

    anyone know the size of the Sram, when looking at the diagram, roughly. i hear on the xbox s it's 76mb.

  • عباس حافظ الشمري
    عباس حافظ الشمري


    • VGN VideoGameNinja
      VGN VideoGameNinja

      It's garbage, yes. Glad you love your trash lol

  • Alexander Huisman
    Alexander Huisman

    Thank u for the A+ on my online test

  • Tic Tac
    Tic Tac

    Bitcoin 🚀🚀🚀

  • Antonio Cuh
    Antonio Cuh

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="228">3:48</a> when u think he's gonna reveal the design what a let down 😤😑

  • alex 1472004
    alex 1472004

    PlayStation plus free in ps4 pls

  • XxAceClxpzxX Yt
    XxAceClxpzxX Yt

    This guy sounds like Ryan Reynolds

  • Rainedits

    My psp is not working :(

  • hellcat. ua
    hellcat. ua

    why so many dislikes lol

  • wotb finland
    wotb finland

    Ps5 is bad xvox series x has More power

    • VGN VideoGameNinja
      VGN VideoGameNinja

      Xbox Series X has less power and PS5 has more power. XSX is bad.

    • RagingUtai

      but no worthy games and smaller ssd for smaller worlds.

  • Noskie

    Dis dude too calm

  • The world Rocks ._.
    The world Rocks ._.

    I can’t wait 🔥👀

  • Anonymous

    If it’s that difficult to make ps5 fully compatible , then you should remaster most of ps1,ps2 and ps3 games . And no more of PS now please

  • V3rzify !
    V3rzify !

    115k people are literal retards. Incredible.

  • alexis perez
    alexis perez

    I think i found out the ps5 secret...its like they said somewhere it was a streaming machine=revolutionary instead of the graphics being drawn from the cpu/gpu they work in " streaming" out of the SSD because its so fast and acts more like RAM, thats why its like NETFLIX!!! I GOT IT!!!!!!PS5!!!!!!!

  • Nico Five’0
    Nico Five’0

    Lets go👍👍👍

  • Sosabliminal

    Where does he speak on the JET ENGINE LOUD FAN NOISE being fixed 😂😂😂

    • VGN VideoGameNinja
      VGN VideoGameNinja

      My PS4 Pro is completely silent regardless of which game is being played. What you been smoking? 😂😂😂