This is $1,000,000 in Food
This video took months of planning and over $1,000,000. I genuinely hope you enjoy it :)

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  • MrBeast

    This was one of the biggest and most impactful videos we have ever done and I’m very happy with it :))))))

    • The meme Graveyard
      The meme Graveyard

      You should be!

    • Avery And Zane
      Avery And Zane

      Love you guys!!!

    • Gombie

      Me to

    • LIL DRAGON 115
      LIL DRAGON 115



      I need money I hope I will won some money

  • Scarlette Bautista
    Scarlette Bautista

    We're so happy also mr.beast!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳 Thank you for being there to people who need helps or in needs. Thank you🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Do you know?kingenoen and MasterGHX
    Do you know?kingenoen and MasterGHX

    Wow your so good than the government 😂😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😁😂😂😁😂😂😂😁😁😂😂😁😁😂😂😁😂😁😁😂

  • Sergio Rodriguez
    Sergio Rodriguez

    Ur truly doing gods work Mr beast

  • Fordawinman

    :The boxes are hollow

  • Random vids with kamilla
    Random vids with kamilla

    God bless you mr.beast :)

  • Ronalyn Matorres
    Ronalyn Matorres

    Good job mrbeast Hope you can help her in philippines I LOVE WATCHING YOUR VEDIO GODBLESS


    mr beast can i get one thousand dollar pls

  • Myla Tyla Bacayo
    Myla Tyla Bacayo

    love it keep prayring stay hel

  • rumorax 33
    rumorax 33

    Where da heck he gets all that mone?

  • Cooper Vaudo
    Cooper Vaudo

    Thx you so much mr beast u r awwsome

  • Carter Cunningham
    Carter Cunningham


  • Chunkfona Mushroom Plays
    Chunkfona Mushroom Plays

    Thank u for helping us in this time of the earth, bless your heart

  • UwU Kacee UwU
    UwU Kacee UwU

    “I’m spOngbOb”😂😂💀💀💀

  • Shaylie Robison
    Shaylie Robison

    can he run for president please? he would be one that i would gladly vote for

  • Kevin Hennessy
    Kevin Hennessy

    You should be president did you taking care of the United States first what daycare the other countries that's fine but take care of this country first

  • Ethio Love
    Ethio Love

    God Bless you Jimmy ❤

  • Ivan Badilla-Gutierrez
    Ivan Badilla-Gutierrez

    beans apples potatoes vegetables greens all da goods and foods and goodies

  • Sarani Yapa
    Sarani Yapa

    Can you donate stuff to CA

  • Skye Monroe
    Skye Monroe

    does anyone else wonder how mr. beast got all this money

  • Dario Felix
    Dario Felix

    Hey Mr beast if you really want to do some good...I just need my car fixed and registered so I can go back to work. Wouldn't cost much but would change a life. 5627465985

  • Mila Guillet
    Mila Guillet

    You are so kind to the food bank

  • podcast salmon
    podcast salmon

    This is the man who buys all that stuff in the math books

  • Saussan Hamud
    Saussan Hamud

    Now we know where all of the food from the grocery stores went.

  • Paige

    What an awesome thing to do💞💗💖

  • Bmw 530i
    Bmw 530i

    God bless you Jimmy and the rest of the MrBeast team. You guys have a heart of gold. Good karma from Denmark ❤️

  • The twindestroyers
    The twindestroyers

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="35">0:35</a>

  • panikz

    i am amazed in a negative way how unbelievable huge these food banks are...It is sad to see how many people rely on such institutions...

  • Elenore Rose
    Elenore Rose

    but don't you need to buy so much food (hoard) from other stores so others get help tho?

  • elmos world
    elmos world

    “Did you say bacon?” Chandler is such a mood.

  • Ibrahim JANU
    Ibrahim JANU

    Mark of the Beast = 666

  • FreelanceDev4life

    Where does he get his money?

  • Gabriel Oliveri
    Gabriel Oliveri


  • Evelyn H
    Evelyn H

    Is anyone asking where the heck all this money comes from!?!

  • Joseph Lew
    Joseph Lew

    you are a hero!!!!!!!!!

  • Vito23112


  • Iconic Alisha
    Iconic Alisha

    Mrbeast is a legend😂😂

  • AmazingGaming Blu Sali
    AmazingGaming Blu Sali

    mrbeast actually needs to be the next president

  • Deepak Patil
    Deepak Patil

    I don’t think there is one bad thing mr beast has done

  • Ramin

    Imagine being a muslim and some random dude comes and drops out some bacon to you

  • Marsya Athaya Basuki
    Marsya Athaya Basuki


  • rasty akram
    rasty akram

    Plz help me :(

  • Iggyhug05 Password05
    Iggyhug05 Password05

    Cris:It’s so cold in here *The guy helping in short sleeves *

  • Husain Alaqmar Luvai Dawood
    Husain Alaqmar Luvai Dawood

    Atheist : can you prove God exists? Me: Yeah ,there are plenty of ways Atheist : show me one of them Me : here ya go , watch this

  • Aesthetic Purple Demon
    Aesthetic Purple Demon

    Give me a Food

  • Dominick Cowfet
    Dominick Cowfet

    Good job

  • Daniel Epic table
    Daniel Epic table

    ee oo

  • h i
    h i

    "That's a lot of bacon."

  • Randumb Videos HQ
    Randumb Videos HQ

    What an amazing man you are so kind

  • Skleps

    Commenting on mrbeast videos until he gives me 100$

  • Andrew Park
    Andrew Park

    And to think all this started as a Minecraft channel

  • Utpal Baruah
    Utpal Baruah

    Hey MrBeast...I need money to survive...I'm very poor...plz help me 😓

  • Shekhar Sagar
    Shekhar Sagar

    I would be more happy if you spent $1 million on vegetarian food 🙄🙄........

  • Grant Mullinax
    Grant Mullinax


  • ToX_sedip 69
    ToX_sedip 69

    vegans: t r i g g e r e d

  • Lunatunacat32

    *Y E E*

  • Amir Hamza
    Amir Hamza

    You guys need to make him president of the country or send him here to pakistan so that we make him ❤❤ mr beast you deserve alot of respect.


    good stuff

  • tacoeateryumyum

    mr beast: meat vegitarians: am I a joke to you

  • Sponge Bob
    Sponge Bob

    You really are the fucking man

  • Montanna Brunner
    Montanna Brunner

    I loved it when they fell and it was so synchronized. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="590">9:50</a>

  • uzhair-_-shahid


  • ruby brookman
    ruby brookman

    Mr beast gives houses 👌 😎 Mr beast gives food to homeless and food Bank mr beast is awesome he helped lots of people he is amazing .etc.

  • Nathan Drake
    Nathan Drake

    There is still good in the world.

  • Ashar Zarrar
    Ashar Zarrar

    Does Chris moisturize?

  • ElliotBrutal035

    Fans: did you did it? Mr beast: yes Fans:what did it cost Mr beast:half of my money

  • YesImaWeeb

    This is why the grocery stores are closed lmao

  • TR RO
    TR RO

    I will never regret that I subscribe to your channel today. This is what kind of youtuber I been looking for always. Continue helping people because I always believe that if you give more , the lord will bless you more than of what you give to others. Love from the Philippines ❤️

  • Tobias Haurum
    Tobias Haurum

    Seeing the people working at the foodbanks being so happy feeding other people is so heartwarming

  • i don't need this
    i don't need this

    9.44 so same

  • igor ignaz
    igor ignaz

    oh dont tell them u ate a 70k$ pizza two months ago jimmy!

  • igor ignaz
    igor ignaz

    mr. beast: abusing capitalism to make capitalism more bearable.... keep it up (Next time only plant based? ;)

  • Gary Dimaggio
    Gary Dimaggio

    R u saying you have them a million dollars in food? You're delivering it but did you buy it

  • Mutated_BYTE

    hunger:*exists* MrBeast:im about to end this mans whole career

  • Paritosh jha
    Paritosh jha

    U r all what i need as my friend

  • Thảo Vy Nguyễn Thị
    Thảo Vy Nguyễn Thị

    That's amazing

  • aldi drajat
    aldi drajat

    "BE YOU SELF" "NEVER TO SURRENDER" "JUST ONLY ONE NLsoftRS" Instagram:muhammadaldidrajat

  • toorelentless

    Keep it up MrBeast!

  • ఌ꧁To⃠talC̸ookies꧂シ

    انَـَY̷̳̜̩̐̌̋O̷̳̜̩̐̌̋U̷̳̜̩̐̌̋ـَتَ os kind انَـَY̷̳̜̩̐̌̋O̷̳̜̩̐̌̋U̷̳̜̩̐̌̋ـَتَ west your money for people who needed I love انَـَY̷̳̜̩̐̌̋O̷̳̜̩̐̌̋U̷̳̜̩̐̌̋ـَتَ and I love your videos and your friends And your kinds ,

  • Penny Pincher-Coins
    Penny Pincher-Coins