Trump’s Bulls**t Corona Cure & Sad Spring Breakers | The Daily Social Distancing Show
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The latest on coronavirus: Trump fibs about a potential cure, governors take action, and spring break gets canceled. Also, Jaboukie Young-White checks in on Trevor during self-quarantine. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #JaboukieYoungWhite
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  • Feather Black
    Feather Black

    3 trumps later..... Trump: Nobody haven't seen this before! China: Well...we should probably talk about this.

  • Virgil Flores
    Virgil Flores

    So now that the FDA is going to use Chloriquine, like Trump wanted, you look stupid Trevor. Trump didn't say it was a cure but it can be used to fight symptoms and pain. Chloriquine has been used for years. Its FDA approved and safe. Ive used it for arthritis. It can help corona victims with pain and symptoms. Thats why Trump was pushing for it to help victims. At least he had the insight to do so. So Trever do you have the insight to be man enough to admit you were wrong?

  • melody eisenberg
    melody eisenberg

    Trump signed those bills. After the president has been telling everyone and Advising the whole world about social distancing and the CDC has recommended if you don't need to be out don't go out! Essential travel. Governor DeSantis made a statement he would not be closing the beaches for spring break. March 6th and 7th and 8th Spring Breakers in Florida were rampid. March 9th governor DeSantis declares state of emergency. Do you honestly think regardless of the timeline president Trump action or not people would have actually taking it seriously? The answer is clear, no because there's a huge majority that are not. Then, now, and until those individuals are either locked up or get serious it will spread. You sit there making jokes, doing cheesy impressions which are insulting to yourself and people that are dying, not to mention the ones that are putting their lives on the line are you stay safe in your house. Trump has taken action and the most serious and impacting. Many Officials havent initiated anything other than defiance. Were you influenced by Jerry Lewis because you remind me of the gimmick comic he played 2nd to leading man Dean Martin.

  • kgaccount

    Here is a breakdown of the “peak months of flu activity” over a 34-year period between 1982 and 2016: February was the peak month for flu activity in 14 of the 34 flu seasons, making it the most common month for peak flu activity. December followed February, with the highest flu activity in seven of the 34 flu seasons. March is third, with flu activity peaking this month in six seasons during the 34-season period. January was the least common month to facilitate peak flu activity, with the flu peaking this month in only five of the 34 flu seasons. We are past the time or if you want to go with March, almost THERE. Have hope! Even more encouraging,Back in 2017, the Center Disease Controls early estimates indicated that more than 900,000 people were hospitalized and more than 80,000 people Americans from flu last season. These new estimates are record-breaking, and emphasize the seriousness and severity of flu illness." Current Americans dead of covid-19 coronavirus this season are 2,860 as of today. Covid-19 is the same coronavirus (mutated and novel, of course) as SARS back in 2003. SARS outbreak lasted SIX months. And that was with nobody doing shelter in place, no schools, banks, businesses, etc shut down. So to recap, as of today, March 31, 2020, we are already at or over the PEAK of flu season. Covid came around, according to some experts, in December of 2019, hence the name COVID-19 as in 2019 it began. Worst case, the outbreak could therefore go into May-June. Unless we have 77,000 more deaths in USA, it won't surpass the 80,000 Americans who died in 2017 of influenza. Let's hope we can contain it with good infection control measures, sick people staying home, more testing available, more effective treatments to help those already infected. And let this be a reminder that we should be practicing infection control measures every year considering 80,000 AMericans died of influenza back in 2017. Sources:

  • Raman shrestha
    Raman shrestha

    Lol...trump having the last laugh Trevor noah #fake_news Well it is a comedy show

  • Guindo Leopold
    Guindo Leopold

    "Excuse me Sir, my name is corona. Would you mind if I comprise your immune system"?

  • Nadine Smith
    Nadine Smith

    This AFRICAN has a job remember I am a % DECÈNDÀN no milk here Now you you have to be more Respectful to the county that has been feeding you why aren't you in THAT THIRD WORLD COUNTRY YOU'RE FROM ? YOU ARE OLD OLD

  • MoMok

    You’re an awesome entertainer but, your short jokes is getting a lil annoying. You use to be an awesome entertainer but now, it seems as though you’re forcing it and the worst part is, your short jokes are not funny like before. Bring the old you back!

  • Starbucks

    Is it just me, or Daily Show is just boring without its sitcom

  • Erika Chavez
    Erika Chavez

    Be a hype man lol 😂 🤣🤣🤣

  • Carmen Gouvernante
    Carmen Gouvernante

    Hello from the Netherlands,Trevor is making it easy for men to understand the Corona virus. And making me happy white locked up in my house.

  • Blackbright News
    Blackbright News

    Didier Raoult said that it is the cure... but maybe Trump wasn’t supposed to say it as it hasn’t been tested properly yet.

  • Sapphire16

    I can't with out ministers🤣😂😂😂😂 Aaron just coughed and Fikile is there like "angsab niks!! Angsabi n**** man!!!"

  • Stephan Joubert
    Stephan Joubert

    They(FDA) just approved it , so it Trevor Noah going to take this video down ? The only thing Trevor should host is a parasite.

  • Nero P.
    Nero P.

    chloroquine is not a cure for corona it just helps the patient have a better chance of survival im no doctor though. Other hospital is using cocktails of drugs.

  • Mason Whellington
    Mason Whellington

    Luv Luv Luv Trevor

  • Big Boy
    Big Boy

    I need you to get into an argument with Ben Shapiro because he will tear you down and you will not want to show your face on tv ever again

  • phira konjir
    phira konjir

    He must hate president Trump's so much

  • Linda Y
    Linda Y

    You don't know anything either!!! 😒😏🤨😝

  • meacht113

    Trevor is reading the book upside down 😫😂🤣

  • mr Tree
    mr Tree

    China kept it a secret lmao are u Insane. And trumps cure just for fda approved for corona virus but u haven't made a video about that yet ....👀 but don't get it twisted it wasn't fda approved before for corona virus but it was fda approved for something else witch means it was already ok for people to use lol but of course u didn't look that deep into it . Man and people think your good lol and this is the shit that get the sheeple thinking the same not the government lol

  • Eric Loyd
    Eric Loyd

    Ima take both these fools out in the NWO.

  • Eric Loyd
    Eric Loyd

    Take money from the bank you dont have and then get mad they charge you for it... take some responsibility... This fool...

  • Eric Loyd
    Eric Loyd

    Damn trump gets up everyday In front of the people who just shit on his efforts...

  • Tatianna Dangel
    Tatianna Dangel


  • Steezy Mac
    Steezy Mac

    Lets not forget the majority of Young Voters are Bernie Voters. They show their ignorance constantly just like Trevor Nooooah

  • Steezy Mac
    Steezy Mac

    And no bullshit that guy did not undercut him, Trump never told people to take it. He said there is a drug that has high hopes of helping. Same thing the other guy said.

  • Steezy Mac
    Steezy Mac

    Oh look its dumbfuck Trevor Noah. Who just said those people medicated themselves with a Koi Pond Cleaner but nevermind that there is actually a medication called Chloroquine they use for Malaria that is one of 5 drugs going into Clinical Trials and is thought to be behind the low numbers in Africa. Pathetic you are considered a comedian without your audience cue cards you aren't funny or even smart. You are kind of a dumbfuck

  • Brad Hill
    Brad Hill

    Fuck you you democrats trump know more then you

  • TurnersArk 180 3D VR
    TurnersArk 180 3D VR

    you made me laugh so it was an easy decision to sub notifications on too

  • Virginia Coleman
    Virginia Coleman

    It's ALL a Hoax, to redeem Donald Trump from his impeachment trial, and win him the election in Novemberif we all can get back to work asap!

  • jmartinez6562

    This episode didn’t age well because it turns out he was right. I’m sure he will do a correction soon 😂 TDS.


    What God Is Saying About Coronavirus (Please Watch this video to find out)

  • Ukari Hinata
    Ukari Hinata

    So funny when people think that coronavirus is a joke.. Look at how many people getting infected now.. 😑😑

  • Hammy Craker
    Hammy Craker

    trump is the best with the cure awsome idiots

  • thechin024


  • Judy Tarasek
    Judy Tarasek

    "Im not old, Im a Millenial"...I love you, Trevor, you are so funny!

  • Poppy Jenner
    Poppy Jenner

    So funny 😹

  • Chait Singh
    Chait Singh

    Trump has the cure cos he knows more than the generals. Let's keep the dystopia rollin! what can ever go wrong? Trump 2020 yay! The age of disinformation! Example: I was for war until I was against it or sumpn...


    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="402">6:42</a> Why does coronavirus have a British accent?

  • Rj964

    You fucking idiots, chloroquine has already been used in place called jaipur in India by doctors who concluded it MAY help. Search on NLsoft if you don't believe. This clearly shows how out of place and behind so called American commander in chief is

    • aaaaaaaaaaaa1111a

      I don't vote or support anyone but its so obvious ppl are sheep when it comes to the media swaying their public opinions... hate on trump whatever he does and I repeat. I DONT SUPPORT HIM NOR BERNIE NOR BIDEN. I don't play into the politic bs

  • Kyzer Pikasso
    Kyzer Pikasso

    I love this guy he should be president because he’s way more articulate than trump like night & day🤣

  • nice nargis
    nice nargis


  • Connie Gonz
    Connie Gonz

    Dr. Fauci should be the president. More knowledgeable and professional.

  • Leaky Punt
    Leaky Punt

    Hey Trevor ! you better off move back to jo burg there's less Americans that will brain wash you.

  • Alex D
    Alex D

    Wow you are not funny.. #TRUMP2020 bitch

  • V Lab
    V Lab

    Your beloved China has fucked us. Thank you snowflakes. Unfunny fuck.

  • Evan H
    Evan H

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="131">2:11</a> donald trump has an iq of 156

  • Larry Belitsky
    Larry Belitsky

    Watching these late night comedians on NLsoft is like watching a video of a rollercoaster ride & screaming when it crests. It just ain't working.

  • Elie Harerimana
    Elie Harerimana

    Trump saying that they didn't know about the coronavirus. Dr Li Wenliang, who was hailed a hero for raising the alarm about the coronavirus in the early days of the outbreak, has died of the infection. or killed for speaking out. China made gloves, Masks, gowns and ventilator ahead off time to sell to the world. WHY?

  • Lavonda Harwell
    Lavonda Harwell

    Incompetent and chief that was funny I’m in my room laughing my a off god he is so sexy

  • Robert Berghuis
    Robert Berghuis


  • Big Toe
    Big Toe

    I thought the view was bad. This guy is a f king a hole! So glad you are staying positive and not scaring your left people! WE LOVE YOU DONNY T, YOU ARE THE BEST!!! So happy you're our president! How do jackasses like Trevor have a job like this? We can all see and hear the news dummy! You sound like a fool living in the past dwelling on every little word trying to twist it and see it the way you want. Oh, ps, you are a loser!

  • Dan Han
    Dan Han

    Trump was right about restricting flights from China on January 31st while the left called him xenophobic and the NY official told New Yorkers to party, take subways, and go to the parade. He's also right about this Drug, hydroxychloroquine. This drug was used in many countries with success. You call this Bulls**t? This video really didn't age well...

  • Motivated T
    Motivated T

    Hey moron a week later and it's been working you idiot when using covid-19 as a narrative for political gain backfires and talk how Cuomo is failing all the housing projects in NY not one flyer of covid-19 awareness in those locations but I bet during election time those same halls will be filled with democratic vote flyers what a joke they don't care about blacks jus the black vote

  • manuel soares
    manuel soares


  • Gautam kapoor
    Gautam kapoor

    Don't worry we got modi here😂

  • mac swimfan
    mac swimfan

    Hydrochloroquine was approved by the FDA for off-label use so the president wasn't entirely wrong

    • Virgil Flores
      Virgil Flores

      Thats absolutely right! And that's what Trump was saying.

  • Jenny McHugh
    Jenny McHugh

    I love you Trevor!! In one of your shows you called the East Sea as the Sea of Japan. I hope you realize that Japanese government systmatically changed the name of this part of the sea over the years. They are famously rewriting, denying the history of their shame, and even lobbying and changing the word map. For future reference, please refer to it as the East Sea!

  • Paul Wilson
    Paul Wilson

    I love watching you sweetheart I really feel for your country having this twat for a president you really are cheering people up God bless you stay safe xx debbie and family in England

  • Jim Lam
    Jim Lam


  • Victor Gutierrez
    Victor Gutierrez

    So a doctor in France had success with a treatment for CV and the presos optimistic about it. Why call it a BS cute before it has been tested? This is trump derangement syndrome at its best. So eager to watch the president fail that you would call a potential cure that has saved a man in Florida’s life recently BS. Losers un-American. Let’s wait and see what the results are. If my life was in danger and there was a potential cure and the media was calling it a BS cure that would be fake news.


    Take your ass back to Africa you loser, now you think you're a youtube

  • Mycenaeus

    Honk Kong flu pandemic 1968-1970, killing between 1 and 4 million people worldwide, at least 100000 in the US alone, some hospitals get overcrowded. But People attend Viet-Nam War protests and big festivals, you know, Woodstock and the like, propagating free love and stuff. COVID-19, killing some 30000 people worldwide so far (though eventually maybe millions), some hospitals are overcrowded. People: Stop those stupid spring breakers! Shut everything down, for weeks or even months! Stay at home if you can, and don't get near other people!

  • I Mac
    I Mac

    He drank fish tank fluid, not chloroquine you fucking communist.

  • makingadifference

    Isn't this the same guy who endorsed Andrew Gillum for Governor of Florida? The same Andrew Gillum who was found buck naked with a gay hooker and meth all over a hotel room. Yeah Im taking my cues on politics from him.

  • Seattle Morena
    Seattle Morena

    Trevor, I hope you can go on good luck..... And spread your message.

  • Seattle Morena
    Seattle Morena

    Halairis...but Corona video of truth of laughter was great.

  • Amy Tao
    Amy Tao

    This GENIUS!!!


    Trevor u r a piece of shit...low life ..hav some shame....shame on u....u r dumb

  • Philly Son
    Philly Son

    This guy keeps me laughing.🤭

  • van Looken Roel
    van Looken Roel

    Judging others (outside world) is easy. But when you ask, who are you,? Most people don't know. work on yourself instead of laughing with others. Karma= selfreflection!!

  • Nathaniel John Bitt
    Nathaniel John Bitt

    I am not American but the president of the most powerful country on the planet should get the facts right before telling the world. Its not a joke.

  • watherby29

    Sure I can leave. I can go to Livingroom for example. I have other options, too.

  • DA666

    "Here is the thing young people need to understand." I would like to replace that with: "Here is the thing stupid people need to understand."

  • Kader Amazigh
    Kader Amazigh

    The crazy stupid, boys and girls OF SPRING BREAK ,... FLORIDA !!! Anyone went there is condamned. Shit of spring break FLORIDA !!! STAAAAY AT HOOOOME ... * A professor from FRANCE.

  • Kader Amazigh
    Kader Amazigh

    TRUMP, crazy !!! He will buy ALL the stock of Chloroquine from SANOFI !!! Business is BUSINESS.

  • Kader Amazigh
    Kader Amazigh

    FOLLOW YOU....from FRANCE. Thanks.

  • Vitaly Kovachev
    Vitaly Kovachev

    Trevor's humoe is the best I've ever heard! Contunue doing quality content!!

  • Bitcoin Trading International
    Bitcoin Trading International

    Besides your Trump-bashing rants, you now have become an expert in Health-Care. Your source of your info is mainstream media and now you can be an expert at Health. Blame Trump, blame the Russians.