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  • David Langland
    David Langland

    The classic white, grey and black camo looks the best


    Ta den andra, den som är mörkare!

  • Kingship LLC
    Kingship LLC

    Dark you dont want to be blinded by boat reflection

  • António Carmo
    António Carmo

    One day I will own a boat like this... never delete this comment so I can come back here on the future, please. Btw congrats on the baby! looking very healthy and cute

  • ArTiD2

    Camo is so 2002 lol

  • Tin Gracin
    Tin Gracin

    go blueeee

  • Your Goddess
    Your Goddess

    red camo ?

  • caesar A. ortiz
    caesar A. ortiz

    Dark camo

  • Wilbert Moo-Young
    Wilbert Moo-Young

    Do a Killer Whale Design on it.

  • RichiJ463

    I think without camo looks good but if your gonna go that way pick darker camo

  • Tomas

    Here we go again...the day to day problem of a millionaire. I thought I had an issue with what color to choose of my underwear in the morning. Sorry to say but the contents of the videos is far from what its once where.

  • jerra1974

    sin ofender. pero los ricos presumiendo sus lujos.

  • Russell Doherty
    Russell Doherty

    no camo

  • hello jeff
    hello jeff

    Does smbt know with that Jon earned/ earns his money?

    • maciek

      hello jeff douchebags and youtube

  • Mathias Christensen
    Mathias Christensen

    How does he make all those awesome renders of cars, boats and houses? Which programs, I guess it's not only photoshop??

  • Jacob Gawlitza
    Jacob Gawlitza


  • Sergey Mukimov
    Sergey Mukimov


  • Charity BygravesTV
    Charity BygravesTV

    Nice love these vlogs

  • Tara Derla
    Tara Derla


  • Jonathan Scripnick
    Jonathan Scripnick

    I say go with the bright camo, in an emergency situation the white may be easier to see. Always want the best for you and your family!

  • Isak Hejnesen
    Isak Hejnesen

    Bright Camo

  • Odarahim OOM
    Odarahim OOM

    I'm totally broke right now and don't have money for even one pizza but honestly your vlogs help to keep spirit up I'm almost forgetting every bad thing dwelling into a beautiful life full of positive energy. Thank you. Hope to give you some day high five saying that I've achieved something in life thanks to you. Keep it up!

  • Bá Khouri
    Bá Khouri

    White for sure

  • Emanuel

    black ,grey , and dark grey

  • terence


  • C Hunter
    C Hunter

    I can tell by the very few comments which are written by actual boat owners having experience in this. Do NOT go dark will burn yourself, or be forced to wear shoes all the time. And forget sitting in the side. Burnt feet and ass within seconds. You might get used to it, but I’ve seen guests fall overboard because of the shock and pain the burn have. Go Bright camo, and make sure the walking areas and sitting areas have no dark areas. People will burn themselves. Janni, I’m with you, If you can’t convince Jon to go bright Camo, Ask the tiler shop to get some smaller dark grey, black tiles and then put them on side and some up the front of Richards boat and leave in the sun for hours, then ask Jon to sit and walk on it barefoot. Also, see my other comment about dark colors on yachts. That’s not a problem, it’s just where Jon has decided to put it. Where you’re actually walking sitting, jumping off the side.. And obviously install desal plants x 2;#0 you never run out of water because that’s the only water you can use to wash / gently gurney off all the salt water without spending hours and hours of shammying off streaks from marina water. Using desal you only need to shammy s/s and some plastic. Ps. Rig the boat a bit for fishing as well. To contrary belief there’s a lot of fish in the Med!!

  • C Hunter
    C Hunter

    Bright camo absolutely. Dark colors is not a problem on a boat IF you have desalinated water onboard to wash all salt off after each use otherwise it looks like shit. With Desal, you don’t need to use shammy that much. The big problem is WHERE you put dark colors. Be careful not to put it where people sit or walk (on the side of the boat up to the front as you will burn yourself badly on your feet or ass,

    • C Hunter
      C Hunter

      I’m having a lot of experience of this. Most say “NO never have dark colors” but they don’t know the secret to clean it easily.

    • C Hunter
      C Hunter

      Never use marina water to gurney the salt water off on a dark hull / dark colors. Leaves too many streaks.

  • Michael Francis
    Michael Francis


  • Cheezy Burger
    Cheezy Burger


  • Andreia Matias
    Andreia Matias

    Dark camo! 😍

  • zmoke10

    Jon Olsson: ex-ski-pro, currently textile designer

  • JP BOY
    JP BOY

    Plz pick black camo

  • Louise Ivarsson Falkenby
    Louise Ivarsson Falkenby

    Dark camo

  • Urix U
    Urix U

    Id take the dark camo bc its fitting the red line and matching the other side

  • lindwallfilip

    I thinl you should do a camo pattern with the Benni-douchebags GOLD/BLACK look!

  • Yuda Prastowo
    Yuda Prastowo

    White Camo.

  • Lena Ka
    Lena Ka


  • Jens Söderman
    Jens Söderman

    white with really black tinted windows

  • Johannes Palmgren
    Johannes Palmgren

    Dark camo

  • Fredrik Brekke
    Fredrik Brekke

    White, grey and black!

    • Fredrik Brekke
      Fredrik Brekke

      Looks more fresh

  • aditya patwardhan
    aditya patwardhan

    grey camo

  • 1 BAC
    1 BAC

    make it FUSIA Violet... with bright red bootstripe, and then yani makes a beige interior and deck cushions... from her line of bad ass cst'normal vinyl

  • le bô jeu
    le bô jeu

    Jon, I think the camo with white will be the best because u need to reduce the more u can the "black" on your boat because it absorb a lot of energy of the sun and during summer, all these black parts will be so hot and will burn you. So try to think about it

  • Edgar Diaz
    Edgar Diaz

    darker camouflage

  • Gavin Dempster
    Gavin Dempster

    If it was Zlatan he would have kicked his way out by now 🤣🤣🤣🤣 That's too good!

  • Kristian Svendsen
    Kristian Svendsen


  • Keri Beal
    Keri Beal

    Darker camo will look amazing!

  • aaaaheahea

    Bli vuxen nån jävla gång du är snart pappa med... HA EN FÄRG... sluta överdriv allting och varva ner för bövelen. Alla vet att båten kommer säljas inom ett år ändå... jag är inte bitter men för faaaan din kanal växer ingenting heller och det är nog för att man blir stressad av att se er hålla på hela tiden. Jag tittar in ibland nu för tiden men förr satt jag klistrad och mer eller mindre tryckte F5. Lite synd men "man" tröttnar. Ett tips från en ex-trogen tittare!

  • Åke Elfving
    Åke Elfving

    dark camo

  • Martin Metzger
    Martin Metzger

    Bright camo

  • Mo-hammad Abunaser
    Mo-hammad Abunaser

    Has a home theater.. watches F1 on his laptop hunched over/Lying down on the couch.. to each their own!

  • lachie mcneill
    lachie mcneill

    grey dark grey

  • Mo-hammad Abunaser
    Mo-hammad Abunaser

    Grey but you have to change the color of the leather seats to something crazy like burgundy or dark red

  • Evan Mccune
    Evan Mccune

    dark camo

  • Shaun Thompson
    Shaun Thompson

    Dark Camo with all white floors

  • Outback Polaks
    Outback Polaks

    White Camo

  • Not Relevant
    Not Relevant

    @Jon Olsson, in my personal opinion i would say white. I honestly think you will regret all black, it looks too unfriendly, where white is more appropriate for the spirit on the waters. Love the project you are creating!

  • Chi Cho
    Chi Cho

    Dark is cooler

  • Chilleee

    Get rid of the camo, looks shit in both colours. Are you getting it as a long term “l like boats, so l want a boat” I’d go for a more traditional look. If your doing your usual naff l want to be noticed marketing to get further promotion and quickly sell it on to some mug, knock yourselves out with either colour of camo, both equally horrid.

  • Amnesia

    White and black is coolest